Northwestern Med Spa is now offering Jeuveau by Evolus! We are one of a select number of practices throughout the country that offers this injectable. Jeuveau is an FDA-approved injectable as of 2019 and is injected into the muscles to help improve moderate-to-severe glabellar lines, also known as frown lines that develop between the eyebrows.

How Does It Work?

Jeuveau Chicago IL
Every time your facial muscles flex, specifically when you frown, you are slowly developing frown lines between your eyebrows. This injection works by blocking the signals sent from the nerves to the muscles in the face and neck.

Results from Jeuveau

Although it is a newer injectable, the results from Jeuveau are extremely positive. There were two major clinical trials that Jeuveau completed where patients were evaluated at the 30-day mark following the initial injections. In one study, 67.5 percent of the patients responded with a 2-point composite improvement that was agreed upon by both the physician and the patient. In the second study, 70.4 percent of patients gave the 2-point composite improvement.

Before & After Treatment

At Northwestern Med Spa, we understand that you may be hesitant to receive your first injection, but our professional team will make the process a breeze. We will clean the injection site before using finely tipped needles to inject Jeuveau to reduce frown lines.

The side effects are minimal and the most commonly reported side effects include headaches, droopy eyelids, upper respiratory tract infections and an increased white blood cell count. It is important to note that no serious drug-related events occurred in the Jeuveau studies.

Studies Involving Jeuveau

More and more promising information is coming out regarding Jeuveau and its positive effect on patients. It has been studied across 5 clinical studies and over 2,100 patients have been studied.

We will continue to keep you updated as more information regarding Jeuveau comes out. If you’re interested in exploring this new, effective treatment to reduce your frown lines, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Northwestern Med Spa today.

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