What Is A Lumpectomy?

Lumpectomy, also known as Breast Conservation Surgery, removes cancerous tissue along with a rim of normal tissue from the affected breast. This procedure conserves the remainder of the breast tissue which often preserves the natural shape of the breast and sensation to the breast. Twenty percent of the time, margins after lumpectomy are found to be positive and additional resection is required to obtain clear margins. Although lumpectomy is a less involved surgery, it most often requires additional treatment in the form of radiation therapy after lumpectomy is complete.

Who Is A Candidate For Lumpectomy?

Not all patients are lumpectomy candidates. Whether lumpectomy is an option for you depends on the size of your tumor, the number of sites of cancer within the breast, and whether you’re able to undergo radiation treatments afterwards.

Scars and the need for reconstruction options can vary greatly after lumpectomy depending on the location and size of the area needing to be removed. In general, if a lumpectomy requires removal of more than one quadrant of the breast, reconstruction is indicated. Click here to read about reconstruction after lumpectomy.

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