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We give you all the supplies you will need and we will text you instructional videos every morning with what to do for that day. Just to make sure things stay on track, Dr. Vinay is available 24/7 – literally.

Day 10 Wrap Up Visit

On Day 10, you will be ready for your follow up. Our doctors will check your hairs and prescribe your maintenance treatments. You will also get a fresh haircut to signify you are done!

Aftercare FAQs

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Can Grafts Be Pulled out 10 Days After a Hair Transplant?

Grafts can be removed, and this is a very real possibility according to Dr. Vinay. Although majority of the healing has occurred by 11 days, grafts can be retrieved with just enough effort. If you did really have 6,000 grafts, the subsequent stress to the head would be significant, delaying recovery and making those grafts more brittle. It's conceivable that you had multiple grafts implanted in one spot, or that the graft can't take for other causes. Furthermore, scabs with hairs including in them should frequently break off, but this doesn't indicate that the follicle has been eliminated. Instead, it means that the hair shaft has shed.

Unless dictated otherwise by your doctor, it is likely that you can use a hair dryer after just one month following your procedure. However for the first three to four months after your treatment at Northwestern Hair, make sure that you don't try any gels or powders in your hair. Is it possible to straighten and color the newly-grown hair after it begins to grow? It is true that y You can dye your hair before getting a hair transplant by Dr. Vinay. However, most doctors advise waiting three months following a hair transplant treatment. Is it possible to harvest follicles from any part of the body? Yes, hair from the chin section or the chest might be used.

You will be given instructions by Dr. Vinay. You'll most likely receive written instructions that you may access on paper or on a website, as well as a video every morning with instructions for the day. It's possible that the video is of a trained medical practitioner explaining the treatment and hair transplant aftercare. This way, you'll be able to learn from a professional firsthand.

Loose-fitting hats have really no negative impact on the hair transplanted region, but they do assist to safeguard it. It is normally advised to patients of Dr. Vinay that they put on a loose hat immediately following after surgery. Safeguarding the transplanted region from the sunlight and other environmental elements is critical, particularly during the first week. After the first month of FUE procedure, you can wear a hard hat or a motorcycle helmet.

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