În ultimul deceniu, lumea jocurilor de noroc s-a schimbat radical în România, în special cu apariția noi cazinourilor online. Această tendință, alimentată de progresul tehnologic și de comoditatea jucătorilor, a transformat complet modul în care românii se bucură de jocurile lor preferate.

Una dintre caracteristicile marcante ale cele mai cazinouri noi 2023 este folosirea tehnologiilor de ultimă oră. Acestea oferă jucătorilor o experiență fluidă și captivantă, cu grafică impresionantă și sunete imersive. De asemenea, varietatea jocurilor disponibile a crescut semnificativ. De la sloturi tradiționale la jocuri de masă și până la cazinouri live cu dealeri reali, opțiunile par nesfârșite. Însă, nu doar diversitatea jocurilor face apel la jucători. Noile cazinouri online aduc o serie de beneficii incontestabile. Jucătorii pot accesa platformele oricând și de oriunde, având nevoie doar de o conexiune la internet. În plus, promoțiile și bonusurile oferite sunt deseori mult mai generoase decât cele din cazinourile tradiționale, oferind oportunități suplimentare de câștig.

Video Transcript

Hey, everybody. It’s Dr. Vinay Rawlani from Northwestern Hair. In today’s video I want to talk to you about whether Micro FUE results look more natural than FUE and to what extent.

So remember in FUE, it’s a great procedure. It’s been around for 20 years. Satisfaction rates are in the 90 percentile, but the only real complaint that people are saying on a regular basis is that their hairs can feel dry and frizzy, and they may not look as natural as their normal hairs.

Well, the whole purpose of Micro FUE was to address this one concern, to extract the hair in a much more healthier fashion such that when they’re implanted they heal with less scarring.

This scarring is very important to the way your hairs look after your procedure. Your body has to integrate these new grafts using scars. That’s the only way they can hold them in place.

Sometimes these scars can cross the hair in such a fashion that the hair becomes kinked or they can cross the oil glands such that the outflow is blocked or that the blood supply is cut off and you have less oil production.

The Micro FUE the extraction technique is much more gentler. We don’t use a sharp cutting blade. We don’t use tweezers. So these hairs come out very, very smoothly and they’re much more natural fashion, such that we reinsert them in your scalp.

It’s less likely that they have scarring to hold them in place resulting in hairs that are smoother, shinier, with better oil output that will look more natural.

Now this does not happen for all hairs. There’s still a small percentage, maybe five to 10% that your body can decide to heal with an aberrant scar. That may cause it to kink or the hair to be a little bit drier. But overall, we’re going to see a significant improvement in the way that these hairs look once they start to grow.

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