Aging is a process that occurs so gradually that we may miss its early warning signs. In our Chicago med spa, what we see is that our patients want to identify how to age better, not avoid aging altogether. Attending to the skin early and often is ideal. However, it is not mandatory. You can have great skin at every age thanks to the development of laser and energy devices. Here, we discuss how to spot which technology may be ideal for particular concerns.

What Lasers Can Do

Our office is equipped with numerous laser and light devices. We have assembled the specific technologies we have because we understand that each offers something unique. Overall, laser and other energy treatments are performed to achieve benefits such as:

  • Removing unwanted hair from any part of the body
  • Eliminating spider veins
  • Smoothing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tightening skin that has lost elasticity
  • Reducing the appearance of stretch marks or sun damage
  • Destroying acne-causing bacteria
  • Restoring optimal lubrication and tightness to the vaginal canal

Common Laser Treatments

To know which laser is perfect for your needs, it is beneficial to consult with an experienced doctor, nurse, or esthetician. In our medical spa, patients receive personalized care that is developed after a comprehensive consultation and skin assessment. Some of the treatment options commonly selected include:

  • HALO Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Halo is the first fractionated laser that developed with both ablative and nonablative technology. Ablative technology is the penetration of light through the epidermis. During this phase of treatment, the uppermost layer of the dermis and epidermis are aerated with tiny channels. Around each microinjury is an area of untouched tissue. Nonablative technology penetrates even more deeply, into the area of tissue where collagen production can be stimulated.

  • Lumenis CO2 Skin Resurfacing

The Lumenis laser with AcuPulse™ technology is also a fractional resurfacing treatment. During this procedure, 10,600nm wavelength light energy is absorbed by water molecules in the dermis. The water heats to boiling, which results in tissue evaporation. It’s a simple process through which the fibroblasts in the deeper layers of the skin are encouraged to produce more collagen.

  • FemTouch Vaginal Rejuvenation

FemTouch is the unique, fractional CO2 laser that has been developed solely for the stimulation of collagen and remodeling of the vaginal mucosal lining. The treatment takes only 5 minutes, is not painful, and requires no downtime. Patients often report a noticeable improvement in intimate health after their very first treatment.

Some say that early and continued laser treatments are the new facelifts. Discover what is possible for you in our Chicago office. Call 312-266-6240 to schedule your consultation.

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