The topic of women’s vaginal health used to revolve around reproductive issues and problems such as vaginitis. Rarely did women discuss concerns related to intimate wellness. There were few conversations around painful intercourse or urinary incontinence that had any true depth to them. Women who did express concerns were often met with a lack of clear solutions. Other than being told to perform Kegel exercises, women had nowhere to turn to revive their feminine health. That was then, this is now.

In our Chicago practice, women who want to address the issues that go along with vaginal atrophy or wish to rejuvenate lax vaginal tissue after childbirth have the option of doing so without surgery. We can achieve significant improvement with a simple procedure using the FemTouch™ device.

A FemTouch treatment distributes fractional CO2 laser beams in a 360-degree pattern within the vaginal canal. This energy permeates the mucosal lining of the canal to stimulate an increase in collagen production. The influx of this protein firms and revitalizes tissue to improve a number of aspects of feminine wellness, including:

  • Vaginal lubrication during sexual intercourse for improved comfort and sensitivity
  • General vaginal moistness to prevent burning and itching
  • Vaginal tightness for improved bladder control and also more satisfying sex
  • Tissue rejuvenation to heal damage or degradation of the vaginal canal caused by childbirth

FemTouch does not treat the labia in any way.

What is FemTouch Treatment Like?

Treatment is conducted using a small probe that emits laser energy. The energy itself does not cause pain, so all that might be felt is pressure from the probe itself. Treatment sessions take just a few minutes and patients are free to return to most normal activities right away. Exceptions for 24 to 48 hours include:

  • Sexual intercourse
  • Sauna use
  • Baths
  • Hot showers

Benefits from FemTouch treatments accumulate over time as collagen remodeling occurs in the vaginal canal. Many patients state that they can feel a difference after their second treatment. Maximum improvement is typically obtained with a total of three treatments.

It is always a good time to enjoy optimal vaginal and sexual wellness. To learn more about FemTouch nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation, contact our Chicago office at (312) 266-6240.

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