We’ve Got the Three Aspects of Facial Aging Covered

Laser Treatments & Resurfacing Chicago, ILMost of us have received at least a little advice about how to take care of our appearance. We know to eat well, exercise regularly, and use sunscreen daily. The problem is that, as beneficial as these steps are, they probably won’t keep us from experiencing the effects of aging. At some point, we have to do a little more if we want to continue looking a certain way. Fortunately, we have scientific evidence that tells us exactly what problems need to be addressed.

Facial aging, in particular, doesn’t happen all at once or all because of one thing. There are three processes that take place that cause the problems we know so well. These include:

  1. Dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle movements
  2. Volume loss
  3. Surface irregularities on the skin

Knowing that these three processes may occur as we age, we are better equipped to investigate treatments that can offset or correct them. This is far less complicated than one might imagine. We’ll take one by one.

Dynamic Wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles are the lines and creases that we see when we frown, smile, and make other facial expressions. When we’re young and our skin is filled with collagen and elastin, these lines disappear when the face is at rest. With age and the depletion of supportive proteins in the skin, dynamic wrinkles become static wrinkles; they no longer disappear when we are void of facial expression.

Knowing that dynamic wrinkles are related to muscle movements, we can identify how to address them. To date, Botox seems to be the best option. This drug, as well as its new competitor Jeuveau, decrease the appearance of dynamic lines and creases by inhibiting strong muscle contractions in commonly used areas. These injectables are excellent for use around the eyes and on the forehead and neck.

Volume Loss

The face gets its contours from both bony structure and fat. In the mid-face, in particular, fat pads provide the necessary scaffold for a youthful appearance. With age, these pads deteriorate. At the same time, so does the underlying bone. This leads to sagging at the jawline, flattening cheeks, hollows in the midface or under the eyes, and undereye bags.

One might notice volume loss when they use their fingers to lift the tissue of their mid-face up and back. This may lead to the idea that facelift surgery is the best solution for volume loss. It might not be. In many cases, injectable dermal fillers are ideal for restoring the volume that is needed in the cheek and temple area. Another option is to help the body regrow new volume in the form of collagen. Treatments including PRP microneedling and BBL skin rejuvenation may be considered.

Surface Irregularities

We know surface irregularities as hyperpigmentation, or sunspots, rough texture, and vascular problems such as spider veins. These issues may occur for several reasons, including general health, sun exposure, hormones, and more.

Surface irregularities can be addressed with a variety of treatments. Some aim to exfoliate the epidermis, such as chemical peels. Some ablate the uppermost layers of the skin, such as laser resurfacing. Customizable procedures provide significant value in refreshing the skin.

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