Want Smaller Breasts? Here’s What You Should Know.

Breast reductionBreast Reduction Chicago IL | Breast Reduction Surgery has become more popular in recent years as an increasing number of women have decided to no longer tolerate the side effects of large breasts. Deciding to undergo breast reduction may take a lot of consideration for some women. There may be thoughts like “I should appreciate my body as it is” or even “many women would love to have larger breasts and here I don’t like mine.” First, don’t tell stories about what you should or shouldn’t like. If your breasts are too large for your liking, there is no reason to postpone your own well-being. In our Chicago office, we can provide you with full details about breast reduction surgery and what it can do for you.

A Few Details about Breast Reduction:

Cup Size is Not a Factor

Just like breast augmentation patients often think their surgery will bring them to a certain cup size, so do breast reduction patients. The fact of the matter is breast surgeries do not follow suit with cup sizes. When consulting with patients, we express more interest in the desired overall size and shape described without reference to a particular bra cup. Like breast augmentation, breast reduction is typically performed with an eye for symmetry and proportion.

Breasts May Need a Little Something Extra

Breast reduction surgery removes tissue to decrease size. The procedure does not alter skin that holds the breasts. Because enlarged breasts are weighty, there is a strong possibility that the breasts are also saggy. To correct two problems at once, a surgeon may perform a breast lift alongside reduction surgery. During the breast lift, tissue is removed in such a way that fatty tissue is held higher and more firmly on the chest wall. This technique may also reduce or eliminate stretch marks.

Recovering from Breast Reduction

Patients should expect bruising and swelling after breast reduction. These are minor side effects that look worse than they feel. Soreness is a common side effect, but one that can be managed with prescription pain medication at first, and then over-the-counter medication to control minor tenderness. As a result of incisions and tissue removal, nipple sensation may be significantly diminished. It can take a few years for sensation to fully return. Most patients are advised to take two weeks off from work to get through the bulk of their recovery. Physical activity is limited to short walks for a week or two, gradually increasing after about 4 weeks.

Breast reduction surgery can reduce pain and improve confidence. To learn more, call to schedule a consultation in our Chicago office.

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