Trends in Body Type Not a Factor in Plastic Surgery

  • Posted on: Nov 30 2020
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The word trend is defined as “a general direction in which something is developing or changing.” It is also defined as “in fashion.” As we look back through history, we can see many ways in which trends have driven consumerism. We can even see how trends have affected how people feel about their appearance. Interestingly enough, trends have expanded beyond the clothing one wears and the hairstyles we see in magazines.

Early in the Twentieth Century, it was the Gibson Girl who reigned supreme in body type, prompting women to wear breath-stealing corsets for accentuated curves. Between this time and the 1950s, trends shifted toward the direction of a boyish, Flapper Girl figure. Midcentury, women once again craved their curves, using Elizabeth Taylor and others as examples of beauty. Trends have driven people to desire a certain body type. The thing is, body type is personal. It is dictated primarily by our genes. Therefore, it is not something to use as a measure of the value of plastic surgery.

Should We Not Have Plastic Surgery, Then?

We specialize in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. We are well aware of the value that a well-done surgical procedure has. So, no, plastic surgery should not be canceled. There is room for facial rejuvenation and enhancement and body contouring procedures in modern medicine. The issue is not plastic surgery itself but the perception of it that makes a difference.

In our Chicago breast center and plastic surgery office, we focus not on trends in body type (they are still here and probably always will be) but on the person in front of us. Dr. Schierle and Dr. Fine have extensive training and clinical experience that has seen them through many trends. This has led to one of several realizations: that body type trends change. Knowing that what is on-trend today may not be 5 to 10 years from now, patients seeking to enhance their face or body can do so with the knowledge that what is most beautiful is what is in line with their natural body type. The enhancements that can be made with procedures like breast augmentation, liposuction, and others are most successful when they look like they belong.

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