Toss Those BOTOX Beliefs that Aren’t Serving You

Botox Injection Chicago, ILBOTOX injections started a non-surgical facial rejuvenation craze more than fifteen years ago. As the fast-acting, convenient injectable treatment caught on, the number of people obtaining their regular dose increased year after year. The first year that BOTOX was available, just over 1.6 million Americans received their wrinkle-reducing treatment. Last year, more than 7.2 million of us rejuvenated our face with this cosmetic drug.

The statistics on BOTOX are impressive, and they indicate that millions of people have undergone successful treatment. If you believe some of the misperceived stories you’ve heard about this drug, though, you may still be sitting on the sidelines, wishing you could improve those frown lines or drooping brows but unable to take the leap. Let’s see if the details offered here might help you.

BOTOX will not make you sick.

BOTOX is made from botulinum toxin, yes. This is where the idea that the drug is dangerous came from. According to Harvard researchers, there are numerous strains of botulinum toxin and, in massive doses, many of them can cause unpleasant symptoms. In small doses, though, botulinum toxin A, the strain used in BOTOX, has extraordinary therapeutic effects. Long before BOTOX even existed, the base neurotoxin in this drug was used clinically to treat patients with muscular disorders. That initial use, as well as the transition into cosmetic use, occurred only after stringent safety testing. To improve the results and safety of BOTOX treatment, obtain injections from a skilled provider who maintains proper dosing techniques.

BOTOX will not freeze your face.

There is no denying that there is such as thing as too much BOTOX. This is why it is so vital to get injections from an experienced physician or nurse injector who has undergone required training and is familiar with the nuances of this drug. In the early days of BOTOX injections, the frozen look achieved by some treatments indicated lack of awareness about dosing. Today, we know what BOTOX can do and are much more conservative with the product.

When introduced into muscle tissue, botulinum toxin A attaches to nerve endings, interrupting nerve impulses that cause contraction. It doesn’t take much to achieve a nice, natural result. Enough treatments have been performed over the past fifteen years for us to accurately estimate how many units are needed for particular areas, such as the brows and the frown lines between them.

Conscientious treatment with BOTOX can rejuvenate your face and improve your confidence. To learn more, call our Chicago office at (312) 266-6240.

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