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The thigh lift, technically known as thighplasty surgery, is an effective body-sculpting procedure. Many patients are interested in a thigh lift after they have lost a great deal of weight.

When a person loses weight, their skin must shrink to fit the new contours of the area. In younger patients, the skin is healthy and is often elastic enough to shrink properly. For patients with less elastic skin, however, the excess skin droops.

When the thighs shrink and the skin does not, the excess creates an out-of-shape look. With a thigh lift, this skin is carefully excised, and the remaining skin is tightened to give the thighs a fit appearance.

Arrange a thigh lift consultation to get on the road to in-shape thighs – contact us to schedule an appointment. At Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery, our skilled staff will ensure that your surgery is both comfortable and rewarding.

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