The Breast Cancer Journey: Treating the Whole Patient

When patients embark on breast reconstruction, it can often be an overwhelming process. There are oftentimes many steps involved in the breast reconstruction process, so we, as providers, tend to become very close with our patients as they progress throughout their journey. This is something I love about my job, as I feel I am able to help patients through a difficult time in their lives. One way that we can help at NSPS is by offering a complete breast reconstruction rejuvenation package. Although we place our main focus on breast reconstruction, we have many other ways that we can help. The ultimate rejuvenation package at NSPS aims to treat everything else, besides the cancer!

Med Spa Services

At Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery, we are very lucky to have a wonderful Med Spa staff that can help with skin rejuvenation options, scar management, options for hair loss after chemotherapy, and many other treatments. Our Med Spa offers relaxing hydrafacials, which can help to slow down the aging process and keep your skin looking young and refreshed. We also offer laser treatments, like the Halo or CO2 skin resurfacing, that restore the luminous glow of younger skin and provide you with radiant skin and minimal downtime. These can be especially helpful to our patients who have undergone chemotherapy treatments and have had subsequent changes to their skin quality.

We also have treatments aimed at scar management. As part of your breast reconstruction journey, there may be significant scarring after surgery. We always attempt to make scarring as minimal as possible, but there are many options in our Med Spa that can help to minimize scarring. These include treatments like microneedling, which creates a controlled injury in the skin, boosting the body’s healing process and creating more collagen for skin rejuvenation. This can greatly affect the appearance of scars, especially to flatten out a scar that is raised. Microneedling can also be combined with platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP), which has been shown to help with hair loss. This can be an effective tool for our patients who have undergone chemotherapy and have hair loss after their cancer treatments. In addition, we offer Latisse for eyelash hair loss after chemotherapy treatment.

Another great option for scar management includes a broad band light (BBL) laser treatment, which targets pigmentation. If you have a scar that maintains a red color, BBL can be very useful in decreasing the appearance of these scars. To learn more about our options for skin care and scar treatments, you can click here.

FemTouch Vaginal Rejuvenation

More recently, we have started offering a laser treatment called FemTouch. This is a laser treatment that promotes remodeling of the vaginal mucosa. It can help with vaginal dryness, decreased lubrication, discomfort due to vaginal laxity, painful intercourse, and stress urinary incontinence. These are all symptoms that many of our patients are experiencing, yet they may be reluctant or embarrassed to discuss the issue. Many of our patients go through treatments throughout their breast cancer journey that have side effects, including those related to vaginal atrophy. Whether you are post menopausal, or have been affected by cancer treatments in this way, the FemTouch treatment can help to restore the vaginal lining. In doing so, this quick and painless treatment can help to minimize dryness, increase lubrication, improve your sexual experience with your partner, and even help to address early signs of stress urinary incontinence. We believe that many of our patients could benefit from this treatment, and hope to make everyone feel comfortable and confident with every aspect of self rejuvenation after a breast cancer diagnosis!

Share The Confidence

At NSPS, we are always looking to #ShareTheConfidence. We believe that everyone deserves to feel special and confident, and we pride ourselves on being able to make this happen. If you are interested in learning more about any of these treatments that we offer, please give our office a call at (312) 266-6240. Feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions about how we can help our patients throughout their breast reconstruction journey. It is time to treat YOU, not just the cancer!

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