mio2011 from RealSelf.com

cannot say enough positive things…

I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Dr. Clark Shierle. I am a nurse and despite all of my experience in healthcare, Dr. Schierle is the most brilliant, talented, compassionate, patient, and caring doctor I have met.

I was interested in rhinoplasty and possibly a breast augmentation, but was very hesitant to pursue either… As a nurse, I have extremely high standards for health care providers, yet Dr. Schierle exceeded all of my expectations. In person, he continued to make me feel exceptionally comfortable. He definitely defies all stereotypes regarding plastic surgeons and I could tell that he truly cares about his patients… I am currently a few weeks post-op. Breast augmentation- previously 32B, + 400cc, subpect, inframammary incisions. I’m completely symmetrical, the scars are already MINIMAL, and as the swelling is going down, I’m looking incredibly natural. While it takes rhinoplasty swelling about a year to see advanced results of the surgery, I am already so happy with the results. As soon as Dr. Schierle took off the splint (which minimizes initial swelling), I saw what the end product would be and I was stunned- it was everything I had asked for and more.