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New Tummy for the New Year

Tummy Tuck  is an excellent way to smooth the contour of the abdomen by removing the excess skin on the abdomen.  When combined with liposuction, these two procedures allow for contouring of the abdomen to create a significantly changed abdominal contour and an excellent outcome. See our before and after pictures here. Recent advancements in […]

Social Media in Plastic Surgery

Recent increased exposure to medical procedures through social media has not escaped the plastic surgery world. In fact, plastic surgeons were among the first group of physicians to create websites for their practices. But, as the desire to have access to this kind of information grows among our patient population, the questions regarding what constitutes […]

Resources You’ve Always Wanted, But Didn’t Know It

Recently, an email came into my inbox from a group of librarians putting together an educational website.  It’s unfortunate that I somewhat disregarded it for almost a week (I get many “spam” emails related to business), but I finally got to it, and what a gem! Despite the fact that most resources are usually put […]

The Creation of The Chicago Breast Center

  Each year I’ve worked at Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery (NSPS), I’ve learned more. As a clinician, it is obvious to me that my continued involvement and growth has helped me learn how to better support our patients, not only in clinical decision making, but also in understanding the needs of our patients outside […]

3D Nipple Tattoos and Breast Reconstruction

3D Nipple Tattoos In our practice, anyone undergoing tattoo for nipple-areola pigmentation receives a 3D tattoo. The term “3D tattoo” is used to describe a tattoo that uses color to create the illusion of three dimensions. Through the use of color, the tattoo will create the effect of a projecting nipple. Texturizing is also performed […]

What is the difference between an SIEA, DIEP, and Muscle Sparing Free TRAM?

Many patients present to our office interested in pursuing breast reconstruction with tissue from their abdomen.  Although this is a much more involved surgery with longer surgery time, longer hospital stay, and longer recovery, it does offer many benefits.  Reconstruction of the breasts with tissue from the abdomen does tend to appear and feel the […]