Summertime Skin Care Protection

With hot summer months approaching we are sure to be spending plenty of time enjoying Chicago’s rooftops, lake, pools, and beaches making it more important than ever to apply sunscreen every day! Too much exposure to sun can lead to premature aging, brown spots, skin laxity, and rough texture. Beyond vanity reasons, our depleting ozone means your risk of skin cancer is higher than ever. Apply a sunscreen of 30SPF or higher every morning and again every 2-3 hours if you plan on spending your day outside. We recommend EltaMD UV Shield or Epionce Daily Shield tinted lotion which is a great option to give a little color without a heavy foundation for hot summer days. It is also important to remember that all skin types require sunscreen. Even if you don’t burn easily, you are still susceptible to sun damage. A sun burn is the immediate reaction but sun damage happens over a lifetime and skin cancer does not discriminate.  If you are already noticing signs of sun damage, schedule a consultation at the MedSpa and we can discuss all of your options for reversing those signs and prevention for the future.

To read more about skin care and fun traveling tips check out my interview with Mick who is a travel blogger.

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