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Northwestern Hair Special

Northwestern Hair Special

FUE for only $7/graft!

We want hair replacement to be accessible to all. As techniques advance, FUE has become very efficient procedure. At Northwestern Hair, we use no-touch technologies SmartGraft and NeoGraft to deliver amazing results at the low cost of  $7/graft.

There’s no minimum or waitlist. No haggling or sliding price scales based upon the number of grafts. It’s $7/graft with one of the best hair transplant teams in the world.

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Why Northwestern Hair?

At Northwestern Hair, you’ll work with award-winning Harvard and Northwestern trained doctors and the latest clinical advancements available. Set up a consultation right away!

At Northwestern Hair, we excited to be the pioneers to Micro PUE. Compared to our FUE, this technique gives our clients healthier hair and more natural results by transferring more oil glands in addition to the hair follicle.

Also, our No Touch FUE technology has made FUE more affordable. Using devices such as SmartGraft and NeoGraft, our procedure is more efficient helping to reduce cost.

What is hair transplantation?

Although hair transplantation has been performed since the 1950s, techniques for successfully transplanting hair follicles have advanced. Former methods of strip transplantation created unnatural looking results and left a large incision scar on the back of the patient’s scalp.

FUE is a far better solution. FUE procedures relocate “bald resistant” hair follicles from the back of the head to the balding areas on the top of the head. Once transplanted, these follicles that have never been prone to balding naturally grow hair for decades to come.

At Northwestern Hair, we’ve chosen FUE for hair restoration.

Why choose FUE?

You deserve a hair restoration solution you can trust and does not leave a visible scar on your head. We are committed to patient satisfaction and patient knowledge about hair loss. Our goal is to educate patients about all their hair restoration options, build a supportive community, and to help patients. When you choose FUE, you know you’re choosing a solution that:

  • Is minimally invasive (no stitches or staples required or linear scar).
  • Last forever (normal hair aging occurs so results are natural).
  • Causes little-to-no discomfort (no scalpel involved).
  • Features quick recovery time (usually just a few days).
  • Allows for flexible financing (our physicians have options to meet your budget).

For clients who want the absolute best, consider PUE. PUE yields healthier hairs and more natural results.

What are the benefits of Northwestern Hair FUE hair transplantation?

This is the method of filling back in thinning hair that makes sense. It takes your own, healthy hair follicles from the back of the scalp, where they aren’t needed, and moves them to thinning areas where they are needed. This doesn’t take a full strip of hair and plop it down on a balding area. That doesn’t create natural looking results. Plus, it leaves a huge scar on the back of the scalp that is visible when swimming and in other instances.

For many men and women, their hair loss is quite distressing. FUE works to fill back in those thinning areas with active, healthy follicles that will continue to grow hair because the follicles at the back of the scalp are not usually susceptible to pattern hair loss.

What are the advantages of FUE for hair transplantation?

Northwestern Hair has numerous hair transplant technologies. For FUE, we have No-Touch semi-automated technique. Hairs are collected by a medical provider using an automated handpiece that can sense the pressure around hairs and can extract hairs without touching and injuring them.  Thanks to this automation, which makes for very stable results, ours is the first and only FDA-cleared FUE harvesting system.

The technologies pressure controls precisely extract the individual hair follicles. The handpiece does this with a micro blade shaped like a cylinder. After the hair graft is cut out, the suction instantly moves the follicle down into the storage area of the system where the follicles are lightly misted with a saline solution to keep them ready for transplantation. The hairs are never picked up with tweezer. This is important to prevent tweezer from crushing hair tract and causing kinks in the hairs. Again, when transplanting the follicles, our technique can be automated, so we don’t have to manually grab each follicle and move it into a pre-made hole. When transplanting the follicles, we play special attention to the direction the hair is growing so it blends in naturally with the adjacent hair.

Who is an ideal candidate for Northwestern Hair Restoration?

Our system at Northwestern Hairs uses follicular unit extraction (FUE) and pilosebaceous unit extraction (PUE). To be a candidate, we need to be able to harvest healthy, active hair follicles from the back of your scalp. You cannot be fully bald. The functioning follicles will be transplanted into the thinning or bald areas. For most people, this hair on the back of their scalp is resistant to male or female pattern baldness, so the follicles are still active. This hair from the back of the head needs to be balding-resistant for the procedure to be a success. Plus, there needs to be adequate amounts of this hair in the donor areas.

FUE and PUE are good option for patients who don’t scar across the back of the scalp. We’ve found that our best candidates for these treatments are noticing increased hair thinning, but the problem areas are not fully bald. That’s why when you begin noticing increasing amounts of hair loss, it is time to call.

How Does FUE work?

We use a punch and pressure method to suction and extract each hair follicle gently from the scalp without disturbing the surrounding tissue, nerves and blood vessels. With controlled placement of each follicle, we are able to create a natural looking appearance to the hairline. Ours is a closed system of FUE. This automated method better preserves the hair follicles to ensure more of them successfully survive in the transplanted area. FUE creates natural-looking hair growth using the patient’s own hair follicles.

How is the FUE procedure done?

We perform these procedures in our beautiful Chicago offices. The first step is to shave the back of the patient’s head. This area on the back of the head is resistant to pattern balding, so the hair follicles there are still viable. The area is then numbed topically. Drs Schierle, Rodriguez and Rawlani uses the FUE system for extraction. For extraction, individual follicles are removed from the donor area on the back of the head. The FUE system extracts these hairs, which consist of 1-4 hairs per follicle, with a gentle pneumatic process that ensures the hairs will have a better chance of being successfully transplanted. The follicles are then pulled up into the storage chamber.

Once enough hair has been harvested, it’s time to transplant the healthy follicles where they can do some good. This system transplants the hair using the FUE “no touch” implantation method. This propriety method doesn’t use a scalpel. Instead, the FUE instrument makes the holes at the optimum depth in the area that is balding, and then the hairs are inserted into these holes.

What happens after my FUE procedure? What will the post-operative care involve?

After your session, you’ll be surprised how little pain you experience. Most patients only need Tylenol by the next day. For the first couple of days you’ll have bandages on the treated areas. About 50% of people who have swelling that last 5 days and you’ll have small scabs where the hairs were inserted for 10 days. By that time your short hair cut will look good.  Compared to strip harvesting and even the use of scalpels with FUE methods, the Northwestern system is far more comfortable and recovery is easy.

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You can shower the day after your procedure, but you cannot get your hair wet for 2 days. Between days 2 and 10, we’ll give you a showering protocol to follow. After Day 10, you can go back to your normal routine.

Are there any side effects of hair restoration treatment?

Itching is the most common side effect of hair transplantation and can last 1 to 12 weeks. Complications from surgery are uncommon (<1%) and include bleeding, infection, loss of sensation in the donor area, amongst less common side affects. This procedure is well tolerated by most patients.

What results can I expect from hair restoration?

It’s expected that anywhere from 10 to 80 percent of transplanted hair will fully grow back over a period of 3-6 months. Every patient is different, so your doctor can talk with you during your consultation about the specific results that you can expect to achieve.

When will the hair start to grow?

In the first 2-6 weeks after your procedure, all of the transplanted hair will fall out. But this doesn’t mean the follicles have failed to take; it is simply the follicles’ reaction to the trauma of transplantation. Not all of the transplanted hairs will survive — usually around 95-98 percent are successful. The hair follicles then settle in and return to the anagen (growth) phase in 3-4 months, producing new hair and returning fullness to the transplanted area.


Is FUE safe?

Yes, this innovative transplant procedure is safe and effective. It is virtually painless and requires minimal downtime, allowing patients to ultimately feel more confident about their hair and overall appearance.

Northwestern Hair Special

What does a FUE consultation consist of?

During your FUE consultation, our team will sit down with you to help answer your questions, discuss your treatment goals, and set realistic expectations for what the procedure can and cannot achieve. When it comes to hair loss, taking action sooner rather than later is imperative to help you achieve the results for which you’re looking. Our team will discuss your balding pattern and an estimate of how many transplants will be required to achieve your goals.

Northwestern Hair Restoration is known for drastically improving the accuracy and speed over previously used manual extraction instruments, making it a go-to option for many patients who feel self-conscious about hair loss. The process itself allows patients to achieve their goals with less time in the procedure room in addition to fewer FUE procedures altogether.

Hair transplant procedures are generally more successful than other over-the-counter hair restoration solutions. Note that most hair transplant procedures are completed by utilizing your existing hair, so if you have widespread thinning and baldness, thick scalp scars due to previous injuries or hair loss due to medications or treatments such as chemotherapy, the process may not be as effective.

Keep in mind that hair loss doesn’t stop following your hair transplant procedure. Some patients need to keep up with maintenance following the initial session and multiple sessions may be required in order to achieve optimal results.

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