Simple skin care regimen to keep your face looking its best for years to come

Setting up a simple routine can help your skin stay looking its best. Proper skin care is a critical foundation for maintaining a youthful appearance over time. Although we specialize in surgical treatments for aging at Northwestern Plastic Surgery Associates, we understand that to achieve the best possible results, it helps to start with healthy, elastic, well hydrated skin.

Weekly regimen

Using an exfoliating scrub or tightening mask is a great weekend treat for a spa like experience at home. Exfoliating helps shed the dead outer layer of skin and give it a fresh look. Use a gentle glycolic acid or retinol containing product. When in doubt, always check with a dermatologist before starting a new skin care regimen.

Daily regimen

Most important is the choice of the right makeup. Make sure you choose a product that is oil-free, hypo-allergenic and matched with your skin type. Use moisturizer or toner as needed to increase moisture or decrease oiliness. Finally, always wear sunscreen and avoid excessive sun exposure. There is no magic bullet for reversing sun damaged skin and there’s only so much that surgery, botox, and fillers can do to treat wrinkles in overly damaged skin.

Twice daily regimen

You brush your teeth twice a day (at least, right?), you should wash your face twice a day. Try different cleansers to find one that helps keep dirt and oil away without drying you out. Pay special attention to the “T” zone of the forehead and nose which have different oil characteristics due to the distribution of sebaceous glands. Follow up your cleansing treatment with a good, oil free, hypoallergenic moisturizer. Again, you may need to experiment with a few before finding the right one for your skin.

Following these simple steps will help your skin be at it radiant and vibrant best for years to come. Not only can this delay your need for the scalpel, but it will ensure the best possible results when your facial aesthetic needs to become surgical. Contact our Chicago plastic surgery offices today to schedule a consultation or for more information.

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