Botched Breast Reconstruction

Botched Breast Reconstruction Chicago ILNSPS is dedicated to helping breast reconstruction patients who have had failed or “botched” attempts at reconstruction in the past. We acknowledge that breast reconstruction can be a challenging journey, and we are here to help if you have experienced a disappointing outcome. Poor outcomes can be related to anatomy, surgeon experience, or the influence of additional treatments, especially radiation therapy. With over 40 years of combined experience in breast reconstruction, our surgeons offer advanced microsurgical techniques and fine attention to aesthetic detail that can dramatically improve even the most disappointing breast reconstruction outcomes.

Breast Reconstruction Issues

Contour irregularities, asymmetry, contracture related to radiation therapy, or failed flaps can leave breast reconstruction patients feeling deformed and uncomfortable with their bodies in and out of clothing. Size discrepancy between the reconstructed breast and the native breast can progress over time or worsen with additional treatments, especially radiation therapy.

Revision Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Revision of breast reconstruction can take a variety of forms, from small procedures involving minor touch-ups to large flap surgeries requiring microsurgical techniques. Decision making around which route is best for you must consider the surgery specific risks and benefits, and, most importantly, your personal feelings about reconstruction. At NSPS, we understand that we are here to create a breast reconstruction that feels right for you. By providing you with detailed information about the options available, we are able to empower our patients and create results that offer a sense of healing and wholeness even after previously failed surgeries.

Our team is here for you.

The breast reconstruction journey is not always an easy one. Experiencing suboptimal or “botched” outcomes can leave patients feeling scarred with a constant reminder of the difficult aspects of their experiences with breast cancer surgery. We are here to help. Beyond surgery alone, we strive to treat the whole patient, offering many state of the art medical grade spa services that can reduce the appearance of scarring, improve skin texture and quality, and revitalize you after treatments and surgeries in the treatment of breast cancer.

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