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Botched - Northwestern Specialists in Plastic SurgeryWith the ever-increasing demand to keep up with appearances and trends in the beauty industry, more and more people are undergoing plastic surgery. Whether this surgery is for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes, plastic surgery does not always turn out exactly how we would like. As our society becomes more familiar and accepting of plastic surgery, television shows and social media networks have integrated plastic surgery into their prime-time repertoire. A show that has increased in popularity, and that many of our patients have watched before, is “Botched” on E! This show features many individuals who have undergone surgical procedures and have been “botched” or left with undesirable results. They find themselves in the hands of skilled surgeons, Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif, who help to improve their cosmetic results. Interestingly, Dr. Fine knows Dr. Dubrow from the time they spent together at Harvard Medical School while Dr. Schierle almost took a position with Dr. Nassif when considering career options. While the Botched Docs are helping those in LA, we are happy to be doing similar things for patients here in Chicago.

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When we see patients who are left unhappy with their results from previous plastic surgery, we use our knowledge of reconstructive plastic surgery to shape a better aesthetic outcome. Because of our advanced surgical techniques and attention to aesthetic detail, we feel our surgeons have the ability to transform a “botched” result in to a desirable outcome. Although operating on a patient who had previous surgery leading to disappointing results is challenging, we find it is very rewarding to help these patients overcome their surgical concerns and help restore their confidence. It allows us to turn something negative into a positive experience for the patient, and turn a “botched” result into a life-changing outcome.

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