Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) a Treatment Enhancement You Need to Try!

The Med Spa at NSPS offers a wide variety of different skin rejuvenation treatments. Many of these involve delivering some sort of energy or stimulation to the skin to encourage smoothing and tightening. Some of our most popular treatments include Micro-Needling, Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser, and most recently the fractional CO2 Laser that we just added to our spa in April. We now have added a new way to truly boost and amplify your results with a method called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

What is PRP?
You may be asking yourself, “What is PRP?” Let me explain the process of PRP and how it can help the recovery and results of your rejuvenation treatment. Platelets are made in our bodies and contain hundreds of proteins, growth factors, and nutrients, which are very important in the healing of injuries. When you come in for your treatment, a nurse or doctor will draw a small vial of blood from your arm (less than normally taken during a routine blood test). The blood is then spun in a centrifuge (an electronic machine that spins items on a fixed axis to apply force) to separate the red blood cells and plasma. After this process, what you are left with is the plasma full of extra platelets.

Micro-Needling & PRP
While the spinning of your blood is taking place in the centrifuge, an aesthetician will be performing your Micro-Needling treatment. This treatment alone causes the body to go into overdrive in order to produce more collagen and elastin. Once the Micro-Needling is complete, your own PRP will be applied to your skin. Because you just had the Micro-Needling treatment performed, your skin is much more open and porous due to the tiny holes caused from the needling treatment. This allows the PRP to penetrate deep into your skin more easily. After the PRP is applied, you are all finished with your treatment. Now, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait to see the results.

Fractional/CO2 Laser & PRP
If you do a laser treatment, you are creating small holes in the skin, and this is perfect for PRP to get into the skin immediately after treatment, and thus work to make the skin even better. Laser treatments are known for their ability to retexture skin. Adding PRP takes laser resurfacing to a new level by accelerating healing and increasing desired new collagen formation. Following your Halo or CO2 laser treatment, activated PRP serum is applied to skin that is ideally suited to accept the wound-healing platelet serum.

How PRP Works
How PRP enhances the treatment is simple. Your body will naturally deliver plasma to the areas affected by these treatments. By providing additional plasma topically, the effective concentration of natural healing substances and growth factors is increased, boosting your results! It truly is amazing, when combining the PRP and Micro-Needling the result is comparable to four separate Micro-Needling treatments. You will see results three to four weeks after having the treatment. We always recommend having a series of three treatments or more to achieve your desired look. It is a wonderful treatment since there is virtually little or no down time. When you combine the PRP and laser treatments the idea is similar to the Micro-Needling but just a different form of treatment. The end result will be a healthier appearance, thicker dermis (reducing wrinkles and scars) and improved tone, enhancing results even more than when doing a laser treatment alone. Call us today at (312) 266-6240 to set up your PRP treatment!


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