Mistakes Not to Make When You Schedule Breast Augmentation

  • Posted on: Feb 28 2021
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People who have had breast augmentation sometimes say that, while they love their new shape, they wish they had chosen to go bigger. At the Chicago Breast Center, we have consulted with thousands of patients about breast augmentation. In our years of practice, we have noticed a few common reasons that cause patients to hold back when selecting their ideal breast implant size. We’ll discuss them here.

“People will Know”

One of the strongest arguments for choosing smaller breast implants is not wanting people to know that you’ve had breast augmentation. Patients fear that others will judge them for their choice to have plastic surgery; and make their choice around that fear. But there is no worry here. An experienced plastic surgeon recommends breast implant characteristics based on a careful examination of the body. Our objective is to enhance the breasts to appear natural in proportion to the hips, shoulders, and body frame.

Basing a Decision on Comments from Friends or the Internet

We live in the information age, which has its benefits. However, there are also hazards associated with taking a poll of friends or listening to influencers when making decisions about breast augmentation. That influencer with 375 cc breast implants may look amazing in her online photos. That does not mean 375 cc breast implants are right for you. Why? Because her body frame may be quite different than yours.

Looking at the Wrong Pictures

Patients often observe Before and After photos before scheduling breast augmentation. Often, images posted online are not labeled so do not indicate how long after surgery they were taken. If photos are taken within three months of breast augmentation, the breasts have not yet settled into their final position. They may look perkier than they will be once healing is complete. The result from surgery is not apparent until nine months post-op and, at that time, they may look smaller than they did at three months post-op.

Deciding to be a Certain Cup Size

It is not uncommon for a patient to state that they want to be a certain cup size after surgery. What they really want is to be proportionate, but because bras come in specified sizes, this is the measurement they use. The mistake here is believing that cup sizes are standardized. They are not. What looks proportional for one person does not look harmonious for another. Patients learn a lot when they consult with a plastic surgeon who can discuss or show images of other patients with similar body styles whose breasts were made beautifully proportionate through breast augmentation.

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