Let’s Talk about Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Chicago, IL There are very few people in this country who don’t invest in routine grooming. For you, maybe it’s the creams and razors you use to shave every week or every day. Maybe it’s tweezers or regular waxing sessions. Whatever the process people use to get rid of unwanted hair, it usually becomes a chore at some point. As if laser hair removal didn’t make sense before that point, it definitely does once the task leads to more frustration than benefit. Here, we discuss a few details of laser hair removal that may help you move confidently toward smoother skin.

Laser Treatment is an Effective Method of Hair Removal

Since the concept of laser hair removal first emerged, numerous improvements have been made in the technology used to stop the hair growth cycle at will. The way that laser hair removal works is by vaporizing strands of hair within target hair follicles. Devices affect hundreds of hair follicles at a time, so the process does not take long. In addition to obliterating existing hair in an instant, the laser energy that enters the follicles also disables their ability to continue growing hair. A series of treatments gradually disrupts the entire hair growth cycle so the skin looks and feels smooth all the time.

Laser Hair Removal Doesn’t Hurt

People often worry that getting laser treatment for unwanted hair will hurt. Truthfully, there are only two ways this might happen. One is to undergo treatment from an unqualified provider. That won’t happen in our Chicago medical spa. The other is to forget to shave before your treatment. During laser hair removal, the beam of light hits the pigment in individual strands of hair. This beam heats the hair, which instantly vaporizes it. When hair is longer, there is a larger area through which the laser beam has to travel in the follicle, which can feel intensely warm. Even if this were to occur, the mild discomfort is only momentary. A key point here: shave the treatment area a day or two before your treatment.

The Permanence Question

Most people who look into laser hair removal want to know if their results will be permanent. The general answer is yes, sort of.

In a broader sense, we can say that laser hair removal achieves permanent results. This is because most people do not go back to growing hair at the rate they did before treatment. If hair growth resumes, it is typically very sparse. The hair that does grow back, if any at all, is also usually thin. Touch-up treatments may be conducted as necessary to get rid of rogue hair growth.

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