Let’s Talk about Breast Reconstruction

  • Posted on: Aug 15 2020
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Breast reconstruction represents finality for women who have walked a difficult path. As the rebuilding phase of breast cancer treatment, reconstruction surgery can be healing, transformative, and empowering. However, some women may miss out on these emotional benefits due to a lack of accurate information about what breast reconstruction is and what it can do. Here, we answer some of the questions patients may have but don’t ask, leading to misperceptions that keep them from beneficial treatment.

Does breast reconstruction have to be done right after mastectomy?

Some women believe that to have breast reconstruction, they must have their surgery at the same time as their mastectomy. Immediate breast reconstruction is an option, but it is not the only one. Not all patients can undergo an immediate reconstruction procedure. Furthermore, those who can do not have to. Delayed reconstruction can be performed at any point after mastectomy, even many years later.

Is breast augmentation with implants the only option for breast reconstruction?

Breast augmentation using implants is so popular that some women assume it is their only option for reconstruction after breast cancer treatment. At the Chicago Breast Center at Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery, there are several options patients can explore. As an alternative to breast implants, some patients choose autologous reconstruction in which shape is restored using the patient’s own tissue. This avoids the long-term maintenance that breast implants require and also looks and feels completely natural because it is.

Is it true that undesirable results from breast reconstruction cannot be corrected?

If you were to believe that an unsatisfactory breast reconstruction could not be fixed, why would you want to take any chances with this procedure? We understand this! Mastectomy and breast cancer treatment are difficult to go through. Breast reconstruction is supposed to be a beneficial experience, not one that could degrade appearance. Fortunately, this is not a major concern.

Dr. Schierle and Dr. Fine are renowned plastic surgeons with experience in plastic and reconstructive procedures. They have the necessary training to perform a variety of surgical techniques, including tissue expanders and flap surgeries. Our patients can even undergo nipple tattooing as an aspect of their reconstruction journey. In addition to helping patients finalize their breast cancer treatment with beautiful reconstruction, we have helped patients who have had reconstruction that didn’t give them the best results.

Don’t make assumptions about breast reconstruction surgery. Contact us with your questions. We’re here to help! Call us at (312) 266-6240 to schedule a consultation. Our practice serves Chicago, IL and surrounding areas.

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