Let’s Give Mom What She Needs

Mommy Makeover Chicago, ILPregnancy and childbirth are experiences that most women never forget. In many cases, this transition into motherhood is looked upon fondly. Even when a woman has great memories of her pregnancy, and she finds immense joy and meaning in her role as a mother, it is perfectly natural for her to feel disillusioned with the way her body has transformed. Fortunately, we have come to a place of acceptance in our society that says a woman can look however she wants. The woman whose Mom Bod needs to go can find the help she needs in our Chicago office, where we carefully plan a mommy makeover around individual needs.

There are several aspects of a mommy makeover that are discussed during the consultation visit and pre-surgery appointments. If you’re considering custom tailored cosmetic treatments, you want the full details. Here, we present two of the major points that you should know as you move forward into your new and improved body.

Your Body Needs to be Ready

Getting ready for a mommy makeover may involve more of a waiting game than actual prep-work. It is advantageous to give the body all the time it needs to restore hormone balance before your series of surgeries. Depending on whether you breastfeed and how long you breastfeed, this can take a year or more. The months that pass after giving birth also involve natural skin retraction, which is another crucial component to surgical outcome. Finally, you may need to implement a healthy diet and consistent exercise routine to reach the weight you want to sustain for the coming years. While liposuction is a routine part of mommy makeovers, there are limitations to how much fat can be safely removed.

Your Mind Needs to be Ready

Mom very quickly acclimates to her new role of taking care of everyone. Therefore, a critical point in mommy makeover treatment is mental preparedness. Mom is out of the game for a short while. Mom becomes the one who is cared for rather than the one who can multi-task like nobody’s business. Does this sound like a treat? It might not feel that way after a day or two of loved ones attending to your every need. Expect that it might be challenging to need help. Expect that your emotions might range from excitement about your new body to anxiety about how clean the house is or how the kids are coping.

Your mommy makeover can be all you want it to be with a little preparation and an outstanding surgical team. Call our Chicago office at (312) 266-6240 to start planning your new body.

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