Let Your Most Authentic Self Shine Through This Year

  • Posted on: Jan 30 2021
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Chest Masculinization Surgery

Around this time of year, we typically hear about millions of people making their New Year’s resolutions. Actually, by this time in January, we’re hearing about the difficulties people are already having with their resolutions. The thing about making goals for a new year is that, often, they revolve around conformity. We resolve to finally get that facelift so we look young and vibrant. We resolve to lose weight or get rid of cellulite, or even to make something of our side hustle. There is nothing wrong with these resolutions if they are aligned with what a person truly wants for themselves. If you are transgender or non-binary, the best resolution you may make this year is to let your most authentic self shine through. As specialists in breast surgery, the team at the Chicago Breast Center is proud to offer top surgery consultations in an environment that feels safe, friendly, and professional.

We Understand the Nuanced Needs of Our Patients

Top surgery, or female-to-male or female-to-nonbinary chest surgery, transforms the feminine-looking chest into a more masculine form. It is not enough to know how to carry this surgery out using the most technical and precise strategies. We understand that chest masculinization is a critical step in full and confident self-expression. We understand that making the decision to have top surgery can be overwhelming. Patients must navigate outside factors as well as personal sentiments (their own and their loved ones’) to reach a point at which surgery feels right. Our job is to facilitate the most comfortable transition for all parties involved. We do so with open communication about the procedure, techniques, and recovery.

What Is Chest Masculinization Surgery?

Of the many lessons we learned in 2020, the value of living an aligned life is an important one. Full expression and confidence come when physical characteristics align with a person’s internal sense of self. Top surgery achieves this alignment. It does so by removing unwanted breast tissue so that the chest appears masculine; sculpted instead of dramatically contoured with volume. Drs. Schierle and Fine are breast surgeons with years of advanced training and clinical experience. They choose between two techniques, the “buttonhole” and the “double incision,” based on each patient’s anatomy, and explain their selection during their consultation.

Be the You that feels most authentic. Contact the Chicago Breast Center at (312) 266-6240 for more information about top surgery.

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