Juvéderm: Why So Many Options?

It is advantageous that we now have several different options for addressing the signs of aging. The lines and creases, undereye bags, and flattened cheeks that appear as we get older may now be at least somewhat correctable without surgery. We say somewhat correctable because there are limitations to what nonsurgical modalities can do, even dermal fillers. On this front, many people consider “getting Juvéderm” to smooth lines and restore volume to parts of the face. When met with the wide variety of Juvéderm products they can choose from, many people are quickly overwhelmed. This is understandable; there do happen to be quite a few products. Here, we discuss why that is by briefly explaining each Juvéderm filler.

All Juvéderm fillers are made with hyaluronic acid (HA). This naturally-occurring sugar smooths lines by binding to water molecules in the skin. To achieve this, the hyaluronic acid particles are joined together in a process called cross-linking. Without cross-linking, particles would break down too quickly to achieve any appreciable results in terms of longevity.  


Both Ultra XC and Ultra Plus XC are cross-linked HA, so why are there two? Because one is slightly thicker and more cohesive than the other. Varying consistencies is beneficial to the outcome of treatment because it enables us to harmonize natural tissue with a filler that is as soft or moldable as it needs to be for that area. For example, Juvéderm Ultra is soft yet moldable, making it a good choice for adding fullness to the lips.


Volbella XC is within a new range of Juvéderm products. These are made with Vycross technology. The hyaluronic acid particles are still cross-linked, but they are also various molecular weights, some lower and some higher. This technology seems to increase longevity and decrease discomfort during treatment. Keep in mind, though, that all Juvéderm fillers also contain a mild numbing agent so treatment is well-tolerated across all products.

Volbella XC was developed for lip enhancement. While it can be used to add volume to the body of the lip, the lightweight consistency of this product is ideal for adding definition to the borders of the lips and filling the tiny lines that form around the mouth.


This filler was made specifically for the cheek area. Here, we lose a substantial amount of fat every year. Eventually, the cheeks lack definition and contour. The skin and superficial tissue that once sat higher on the cheekbones droops lower on the face, leading to jowls. Voluma is a denser, more cohesive filler that is intended for insertion deeper in the skin, where it provides structure and fullness.


Juvéderm Vollure XC could be compared to Ultra XC and Ultra Plus XC. The products are used to correct similar concerns. The difference is that Vollure is made with the Vycross technology that varies molecular weights among HA particles. This may extend the longevity of the product and decrease the mild inflammation that can occur after treatment.

The variety of Juvéderm products available today should not complicate your decision to get dermal filler treatment. Our experienced staff can help you determine which is right for you. Call (312) 266-6240 to schedule your visit to our Chicago medspa.

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