Is Microneedling Worth the Hype?

  • Posted on: Nov 25 2019
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Accepting the physical changes that accompany aging can be a difficult pill to swallow. It’s especially difficult because many early signs of aging appear in our skin, especially our face. Looking at yourself in the mirror every day may bring up insecurities that you haven’t always had. One recent service that has allowed us to stay as youthful as possible is a treatment called microneedling. Through the use of fine needles to puncture the skin, microneedling creates a controlled skin injury that results in rejuvenated skin. 

What Can It Treat?

Patients visit us for microneedling due to a variety of reasons, including improvement in acne scarring, reducing fine lines, improving wrinkles, tightening loose skin, reducing pore size, improving skin texture, reducing stretch marks, and evening out pigment issues. If you have tender areas of your face where you are breaking out, we do not recommend microneedling over these particular areas, as it could make them worse and spread bacteria. 

How It Works

The process typically involves 4-6 separate sessions that are completed about a month apart. As your skin is able to tolerate deeper and deeper needles, the results are more effective. Rest assured that our plastic surgery and med spa team in Chicago will apply a topical anesthetic so you can’t feel the needles. A penlike tool referred to as a derma roller begins inserting small needles into the skin; the idea is that the needles will cause micro-injuries causing a response of elastin and collagen to repair the damages. It is this new collagen that helps restore the skin and make it both act and appear younger.

The microneedling procedure is best left to a professional who has the experience and expertise to execute flawlessly. If you’re interested in learning more about microneedling and how it can salvage your skin, please contact our team at the Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery and Med Spa today!

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