Important Details about Labiaplasty

FemTouch Chicago, ILVaginal rejuvenation is not limited to one procedure or even one intention. Many of the women who consult with a trusted plastic surgeon are interested in discussing labiaplasty, a cosmetic procedure that focuses on the tissue outside of the vagina. Labiaplasty has been portrayed in the past as a way to get a “designer vagina.” This procedure is much more meaningful than that. From our experience, labiaplasty can restore a woman’s physical and emotional comfort.

What is labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty surgery is a specific technique through which the small pieces of tissue outside the vagina are refined. The labia minora and labia majora sit one outside of the other. When a young woman goes through puberty, hormone fluctuations alter the sexual organs, potentially causing labia to lengthen. This part of a woman’s body may also inevitably change resultant of childbirth and the inconsistent hormone balance that occurs with age. It isn’t necessary to understand why the labia are elongated to correct the discomfort caused by exaggerated size.

Important Details to Know

Most women who consider labiaplasty want to know three important details: what scarring will be like, what side effects will occur from surgery, and when they can resume their normal lifestyle.


The labiaplasty technique situates incisions within natural folds of tissue. These incisions are typically closed with sutures that will dissolve spontaneously over time, so there is nothing to remove at a later date. During the first several weeks of healing, developing scar tissue may feel somewhat hard to the touch. This does not indicate poor healing. The tissue will soften over time. Once the area has completely healed, your gynecologist may not even be able to see evidence of your labiaplasty.

Swelling and Itching

Itching and swelling are two of the most prominent side effects after labiaplasty. Swelling is attributed to the manipulation of labia tissue. Itching may develop and intensify as dissolvable sutures get absorbed. Neither of these side effects should create discomfort. Cold packs can be applied to the labia for a few minutes at a time to reduce both swelling and itching. Gentle cleaning with mild soap and running water may also be soothing. Remember to pat the skin dry for several weeks after surgery so as not to disrupt healing.

Activity after Labiaplasty

It is possible for most labiaplasty patients to return to work within ten days of their surgery. Exercise should be postponed for about two weeks, and then resumed gradually, beginning with very light exercise and slowly adding in more intense activity. Tissue should be allowed to heal for at least eight weeks before resuming sex.

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