How Does Restylane Fill Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are unwelcome indicators of the aging process. These creases, ridges, and folds on our skin remind us that we’re getting older while making it embarrassingly obvious to everyone we meet.

Wrinkles can be the result of aging, excessive exposure to the sun and pollution, and genetics. Because of this, many people develop wrinkles prematurely.

As depressing as this is, the good news is that you can actually get rid of your wrinkles. There are a dozen cosmetic procedures you can choose to regain the youthful appearance of your skin. One of the more popular procedures today is Restylane.


Restylane is one of the latest cosmetic procedures for wrinkle treatment. It is a non-surgical injectable treatment that is very effective at slowing down the signs of aging. It can make your wrinkles disappear and restore the youthful skin that you once had.

Restylane filler injections are made of a hyaluronic-acid-based gel that fills up your wrinkles, rendering them invisible. The gel also lubricates and moisturizes the skin to create the feeling of younger skin.

The gel is a biodegradable and non-animal-based composition that is derived from human tissue cultivated in a laboratory. Because of this, the chance of allergic reaction is quite low. It’s the perfect natural alternative to other cosmetic treatments for wrinkles that are typically derived from animal tissue.

The Restylane Injection Process

The first step of the procedure involves the doctor selecting the exact injection points for each location. An antiseptic will be applied at this stage to eliminate the risk of infection.

The next step involves the identification of how much Restylane will actually be needed to treat the wrinkles.

Step three is when the Restylane gel is injected into the selected locations. When this is done, the hyaluronic acid flows in and begins to adhere to the skin. The water in the acid is what regulates volume, allowing for a more natural appearance. The acid attracts the water, preserving the replaced volume.

The results of the procedure become noticeable immediately. The success rate of Restylane is extremely high. It is capable of effectively eliminating even deep wrinkles, which can be difficult to do with many other non-surgical wrinkle treatments.

Restylane injections are administered by your doctor at Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery. The treatment is generally prescribed to people in the age group of 35 to 50 and only requires local anesthesia.

The procedure generally takes around 30 minutes to complete. However, the exact time may vary depending on the extent of the treatment that a specific patient might need.

This is an outpatient procedure, which means you can return home immediately. You can resume your daily activities right away. However, you may be asked to avoid the sun for a few days.

Learning More About Restylane Treatment

Contact our office if you would like to address your wrinkles with Restylane and get smoother skin. Setting up your consultation at Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery means you’ll be able to speak with a skilled and experienced medical professional, so you can ask any questions you may have.

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