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As a mother of 3 I understand how much Mommies sacrifice for their children, even our own bodies. After childbirth, moms struggle with the changes their body underwent during pregnancy.  Mommy makeovers don’t just have to be about cosmetic surgery.  Non-surgical procedures can complement or take the place of surgery for custom results. Something as simple as a hydrating facial or getting rid of stubborn pockets of fat can make a huge impact in the way we look and feel.  May is our month Mommies!  Let’s do something for ourselves for a change!  Here are some simple procedures to help restore your glow and reclaim your body!


Fem Touch- Vaginal changes may be somewhat uncomfortable for women to talk about, but they are very real and common issues.  With age and after childbirth, women start noticing symptoms related to their vaginal health that affect their lifestyle on different levels.  Vaginal atrophy or dryness is a common symptom in postmenopausal women.  Stress urinary incontinence is another symptom, as well as vaginal laxity after childbirth, which can impact satisfaction with sexual intercourse.  The Fem Touch is a painless laser treatment that promotes the remodeling of the vaginal mucous layer.  Results are typically seen in as little as 2-3 treatments.


Microneedling- I recommend this treatment for everyone no matter what their skin concerns are.  This is my “swiss army knife” for skin maintenance.  Microneedling treatments improve skin tone and texture, brightens the skin and helps with hyperpigmentation, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and can also improve acne scars, traumatic scars, and stretch marks.  It’s an easy procedure with minimal to no downtime at all.  I had mine done during lunch and was back seeing patients right after.  I was just a little pink and our anti-inflammatory Oxygenetics makeup concealed it beautifully.  I look much worse after a day of running after my little ones.  My skin looked and felt rejuvenated with this treatment.


Protein Rich Plasma (PRP)- PRP is a high concentration of platelets surrounded in its own plasma.  PRP releases at least 8 essential growth factors and signaling proteins.  It is coupled with microneedling to treat hair loss.  Telogen effluvium is the temporary hair shedding that occurs one to six months after pregnancy.  The luxurious head of hair we get during pregnancy unfortunately starts to diminish once we deliver.  PRP hair loss treatments help push the resting hair follicles back into the active growth phase.


Nano Peel-Being a mom can be exhausting, but don’t let it show in your skin!  This “weekend laser peel” can help restore a youthful glow to your entire face in minutes with minimal down time.


Forever Young BBL-Stop the clock with this revolutionary treatment.  A long-term clinical study showed patients who received regular BBL treatments over the course of a decade looked younger than when the study began.  Forever Young isn’t just a beauty treatment, it’s a preventative regimen.  Who doesn’t want to look 30 in their 40s?


Halo Laser- The Halo is by far my favorite procedure to perform on Mommies.  The very first question I get from all of my Halo patients is, “How soon can I do another one?”  Patients absolutely love the results they get after just one treatment.  The Halo is the world’s first and only Hybrid Fractional Laser that delivers two different wavelengths simultaneously that creates a synergistic effect with amazing results and minimal downtime.  It helps treat pigment issues, wrinkles, reduces pore size, helps the overall texture and tone of the skin, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Radio Frequency (RF)-After pregnancy, getting back to a regular exercise schedule can be a challenge. Stubborn pockets of fat around the abdomen, thighs, arms, and back can be treated non-surgically with RF.  RF energy generates focused electro-heating of skin tissue causing a structural change of the collagen resulting in skin tightening.  RF energy also heats the fat tissue lying directly under the skin layers and stimulates the release of liquid fat from the cells which accelerates the natural fat metabolism.

Kybella- The “double chin” may be something you’ve had your whole life, developed over time, or something you noticed recently.  Sometimes, no matter how much you exercise or diet, the condition may not go away.  Kybella is a non-surgical procedure that can help take the “double” out of your chin.


Botox and Fillers- Over time your face changes in many ways.  Lines and wrinkles form and volume depletion occurs.  Smoothing out those crow’s feet or softening that “angry face” can easily take a few years off.  Also, adding volume back in the cheeks, around the eyes, and thinning lips immediately gives you a refreshed and younger look. The key is to look NATURAL!  Remember…the best injectable is the least detectable!


Glytone products- Last but not least you have to have some kind of homework.  You have to protect your investment with a good skin care regimen.  Glytone has a wonderful skin care line that is breastfeeding friendly.  The Rejuvenating Lotion moisturizes your skin while providing gentle skin rejuvenation. Melasma is a very common and stubborn issue that appears or worsens with those wonderful pregnancy hormones.  The Enhance Brightening Complex is the perfect solution.  It brightens your skin for a more even and radiant complexion without all those harsh “bleaching” ingredients.  The next two are my favorite body products I use.  The Exfoliating Body Lotion moisturizes and corrects skin texture and imperfections.  It’s wonderful for Keratosis Pilaris (those little bumps on the backs of the arms), dry flaky arms and legs, and it also helps reduce the appearance of darks spots due to sun exposure.  It’s an all in one lotion!  The Ultra Softening Heel and Elbow Cream is something we all need to prepare ourselves for summer and sandal season.  This cream retexturizes and smooths dry, rough, callused areas on the heels and elbows.  It’s time for pedicures and Glytone Heel Cream ladies!


No matter what your concerns are, we are here to help.  There are so many different treatments and products out there that it can be completely overwhelming to know what to do and where to start.  Mommies, you have enough to worry about at home.  Leave the rest up to the experts!  We can help you customize a plan that works specifically for you and your needs.  During the month of May, we will be offering package pricing. Happy Mother’s Day!!

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