Get Back to Living, Laughing, and Loving with FemTouch

FemTouch Chicago, ILMore people are coming to the conclusion that life is best spent living to the fullest. As scientific advances have occurred, we are better able to do just that. Women’s health, in particular, has become more of a priority in medicine; not only so we can understand what health challenges a woman may face as she ages, but also increased awareness of the need for vitality in all areas of life.

The physical changes that occur on the inside can have even more impact on a woman’s sense of self as the changes that affect external appearance. For example, the issue of vaginal atrophy has come to the forefront of women’s health in recent years. The impact of hormonal changes is now more widely understood. This has led to the development of techniques and protocols aimed at balancing hormones and correcting the side effects of natural changes. In our Chicago office, women wishing to mitigate the effects of vaginal atrophy can do so with FemTouch.

A Return to Living and Laughing

Vaginal rejuvenation is beneficial for women in numerous ways, not just in the area of intimacy. More on that in a moment. Vaginal dryness and loss of tone affect a woman’s confidence as she goes about her daily activities. When the vaginal lining loses elasticity and becomes loose, symptoms of stress urinary incontinence may increase over time. For some women, this problem becomes severe enough to inhibit the act of living life to the fullest. Vaginal dryness can be just as detrimental because a chronic lack of normal lubrication increases a woman’s risk of urinary tract infection and vaginal infection.

A Return to Love

Depending on the degree of vaginal atrophy that has occurred, a woman may struggle to feel as sensual and satisfied as she once did. Intimate experiences are an essential aspect of quality of life for women and correcting the effects of vaginal atrophy can help.

FemTouch is a non-surgical treatment that is conducted in the doctor’s office with no need for local or general anesthesia. This modality works by heating the deep fibroblast cells that deliver collagen to the vaginal lining. Because heat is controlled and offset with bursts of cool energy, treatment is comfortable without losing efficiency. After just one appointment, many patients begin to notice an improvement in their symptoms. Treatment may be repeated as necessary to continue collagen remodeling within the vagina.

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