Get Angel-Soft Skin with Halo Treatment

HALO Hybrid Laser Treatments Chicago, ILAlthough our education and training have focused on surgical techniques to refresh the face and reshape the body, we are also excited about helping patients correct certain signs of aging with innovative non-surgical treatments. Here, we discuss Halo laser skin rejuvenation, how it works, and why it may be your new anti-aging BFF.

Halo stands out in the sea of laser treatments because this fractional laser device incorporates both non-ablative and ablative technologies. These are important terms for anyone interested in laser resurfacing. Early laser treatments were not only ablative, but they were full-force. A fractionated laser is gentler because it scatters beams of light across the skin, reducing the severity of impact. Ablative laser technology could be likened to aeration; it creates tiny pathways in the uppermost dermis. Non-ablative laser technology creates micro thermal injuries on the surface. Though these injuries are barely perceptible, they trigger an influx of collagen and elastin, biological agents that firm and smooth the skin.

The combination of fractionated ablative and non-ablative laser energy maximizes the results of treatment while simultaneously minimizing the length and intensity of recovery.

What Halo Treatment is Like

On the day of Halo treatment, we ask patients to arrive without makeup. After the skin is gently cleansed, we apply a generous amount of numbing cream. This will need to sit on the skin for approximately 45 minutes before we can begin.

Halo treatment can take up to an hour depending on the size of the treatment area or combination of zones. Thanks to the use of numbing anesthetic, discomfort is usually limited to vague bursts of heat as laser light pulses toward the skin. A small fan may also be used throughout treatment to offset the heating of the laser. Short, quick bursts of laser energy exit a small handpiece as it is moved across the treatment area.

Immediately following Halo laser treatment, a sensation of heat may linger for thirty or more minutes. Cool air can alleviate this short-term side effect. As the body responds to the effects of laser resurfacing, the skin will likely become red and swollen. This may be particularly noticeable around the eyes. Over the course of 24 to 48 hours, these side effects diminish substantially.

As the healing response continues, the skin may appear spotted and brown. This indicates that the uppermost layer of dead and damaged cells is releasing and will soon slough off. Our post-procedure guidelines provide instructions on how to support this process as the skin continues to improve over days and weeks of collagen remodeling.

Learn how our experienced team can help you reduce the signs of aging with Halo fractionated laser treatment. Contact our Chicago office at (312) 266-6240.

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