FAQ Med Spa Draft


How long does the appointment take?

About an hour and a half total, which includes numbing time, so let us know if you’re running late.

How long does it last?

Depending on your skin type and lifestyle the longevity may vary. The average is 12-18 months.

Do I have to get it redone from scratch or do I get touch ups?

Microblading is a two-part process. You come in for your initial appointment, which is $700 with Gaby and $550 with Shanda, then a follow up about 6-8 weeks after, which is $150. From there, it lasts about 12-18 months and most clients find that they want a touch up around the 9 month mark. If you’re oily, in the sun a lot or super active you may need it closer to 6 months. If you’re dry, older or stay out of the sun you may be able to go longer and get your touch up closer to 12 months. Those touch ups are priced according to how many months after the initial (3-6 months $250, 6-9 months $350 and 9-12months $450).

Does it hurt?

No! At least not usually : ) Numbing cream is applied liberally and sits for about 25 minutes. Most people don’t experience much pain, swelling or bleeding all thanks to the numbing cream!

What is the aftercare and how will I look?

For starters you can’t sweat or submerge the brows in water for a few days so shampooing can be tough so I recommend coming with your workout out of the way and hair washed. I will send you home with an ointment you’ll apply for a few nights after. The brows will go through a few different stages as they heal but it is most noticeable to you, not the outside world. I will send an email after your appointment that includes your before and after pictures as well as aftercare instructions tailored to your skin type.

What if I don’t like it?

During the appointment the process is very interactive. You have the mirror in your lap the whole time and I ask multiple questions before starting so I can give you the best brow for your personal style. Also, it is done in phases, or passes as I like to call them, so it slowly builds on itself and you can see after each pass. Nothing happens without your approval and no one has ever jumped up and left the room half finished, so no need to worry about “not liking it” since we do it together.

Can anyone not do it?

If you are pregnant or you are undergoing chemo treatments, I ask that you consult with your doctor and email me over a note. Also, if you are on blood thinners I would be unable to perform the service, this includes alcohol or Advil 24 hours prior.

How do I book?!?!

Give us a call at 312-266-6240 and we can get you scheduled : )