Dermal Fillers Have Unique Attributes for Gorgeous Skin

  • Posted on: Jun 15 2020
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For the past several years, more and more adults have turned to dermal fillers to rejuvenate their appearance. The benefits of this treatment are well-known. One of the primary benefits is that dermal fillers don’t require surgery, anesthesia, or downtime. In fact, patients who visit our Chicago office enjoy that getting dermal fillers doesn’t take long at all; most visits take well under one hour to complete. With more people looking into dermal filler treatment at this time, we can’t think of anything better to discuss than how some dermal fillers differ from the crowd.

The two dermal fillers that we will discuss here are Sculptra and Radiesse. These are two of the most commonly used products that are not based on hyaluronic acid, which gives them unique attributes that lead to more beautiful skin. Like other dermal fillers, Sculptra and Radiesse are designed to add volume to the skin so creases look softer or can be eliminated completely. However, the way they do this is different than the average hyaluronic acid filler. Furthermore, how they do this is different than the other.

How Sculptra Works

Sculptra is a poly-L-lactic acid filler. Poly-L-lactic acid is a synthetic material that has a long history in medicine. It is the basis of the dissolvable stitches and sutures doctors have used for many years. In fluid form, poly-L-lactic acid triggers inflammation beneath the skin. Not much, but enough to activate the fibroblasts cells near the material to produce collagen. This is where Sculptra differs from other dermal fillers; it does not add immediate volume, it stimulates collagen production.

Collagen is the chemical that firms the skin. It is what helps the skin resist loosening and sagging. The purpose of Sculptra is to dictate where new collagen forms over time. To achieve optimal improvement, it is necessary to undergo a series of Sculptra treatments. Like dissolvable stitches, the Sculptra filler will break down over time. However, healthy new collagen is now in place to sustain results for up to two years.

How Radiesse Works

Radiesse is a gel-like filler that carries tiny particles of calcium hydroxylapatite, a material that resembles the calcium in the teeth and bones. This material has a stimulatory effect on the fibroblast cells, just like Sculptra. Unlike Sculptra, it has an immediate effect on the skin. The structural density of calcium hydroxylapatite plumps the skin initially and maintains volume for up to one year as the body breaks down these particles. During that time, the fibroblasts around the microspheres are active in their production of healthy new collagen to boost overall resilience and firmness.

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