Common Questions about Breast Augmentation

  • Posted on: Oct 30 2020
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As a premier breast center in Chicago, we field a lot of questions. Because our practice has largely revolved around breast procedures for so long, we’re used to patients wanting to know some of the basics that are involved in breast augmentation, one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery offices around the world. We believe that informed patients are the savviest and most confident, so want to make sure we touch on common questions you may have before you feel ready to make that call to schedule a consultation.

Can Anyone Get a Boob Job?

Breast augmentation is approved for adults aged 18 and older. However, patients between the ages of 18 and 22 are limited to saline implants only. From age 22, silicone breast implants become an option. The best patients for breast augmentation are physically healthy and do not smoke. Emotionally, it is valuable to have a healthy body image and good sense of self-esteem before surgery. It is unreasonable to expect that breast augmentation, or any plastic surgery for that matter, can create self-esteem where it doesn’t already exist. Breast augmentation is commonly performed to correct:

  • Small breast size
  • Asymmetrical breast size
  • Tubular breast shape
  • Breast deflation caused by breastfeeding or weight fluctuations

What Are My Implant Options?

This is a more complicated question than it may seem. There are two primary categories of breast implants: saline and silicone. However, there is much more involved in getting the results you expect. Additional options that your surgeon will discuss with you during your consultation include what shape of implant might suit you, whether a textured implant is necessary, and the profile of implant that will achieve your best outcome. 

How Long is Breast Augmentation Recovery?

In general, patients tend to read that breast augmentation recovery is 6 weeks. Again, there is more to know than that. Your surgeon does not expect you to take 6 weeks off work to heal after breast augmentation. Depending on your situation, you may be ready to return to work after one week of downtime. If you work from home, like so many are doing now, you may be able to resume some of your normal work after a few days of rest, so long as you are not taking prescription pain medication. What must wait 6 weeks is strenuous activity, whether that is at work or part of your general lifestyle. You will need to avoid lifting heavy objects for several weeks but will be able to start low-impact exercise after about 10 to 14 days. 

We understand you may have many more questions about breast augmentation, and we’re here to help. Contact the Chicago Breast Center at (312) 266-6240 to schedule your visit.

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