Can a Breast Lift Make You Look Younger?

  • Posted on: Aug 30 2020
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When women think about looking younger, they may look more to their faces than their bodies. However, age affects all matters of appearance, including the breasts. A breast lift may be an excellent solution for women who are happy with the size of their breasts but are noticing that volume sits very low on the chest. Regardless of age, a woman deserves to feel good about her appearance. When breasts are saggy, a lift can improve shape, proportion, and even projection. Together, these characteristics make the body look younger.

What A Breast Lift Can Do

Some of the improvements that can be achieved with a breast lift include:

  • Firmer appearance. The breasts get their firm appearance by the tightness of the skin and the overall shape of the breast mound. Breasts that droop look soft and deflated.
  • Better projection. When the breast mounds are brought upward on the chest wall and loose skin is trimmed, the breasts also appear to point outward rather than downward. This restoration of projection can make the breasts look larger even without augmentation using breast implants.
  • Improved nipple position. Some women experience a change in nipple projection as a result of breastfeeding, weight changes, and age. Young breasts’ nipples point forward. When breast volume decreases and the skin weakens, the nipples and areolas can seem to fall lower on the breast mound. Sometimes, lifting the breasts is enough to resolve this problem. When necessary, the surgeon will reposition the nipples and areolas as an additional part of the lift.
  • Reduce or eliminate skin irritation. If your breasts have become droopy, the inframammary crease has probably become more pronounced. Breast tissue can sag over the crease, causing skin-to-skin contact between the breast mound and the skin of the upper abdomen. This contact can lead to friction, causing chafing, itching, and other irritations. A breast lift pulls the breast mound up to decrease the prominence of the inframammary crease so should eliminate this problem.

Breast lift surgery is a highly personalized procedure. It is performed using unique incision patterns and techniques that address the particular needs of each patient. Whether breast ptosis is the result of aging, breastfeeding, or other factors does not matter. What matters is restoring shape and, in doing that, restoring confidence.

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