Bridal Beauty Tips!


Is your big day coming up? Most women start prepping for their wedding months before the big day. We want to make your skin look picture perfect for your wedding day. There are many treatments in our Med Spa that every bride should take advantage of in order to look her best!

First and foremost , we recommend starting with a free consultation with one of our Med Spa staff in order to develop a plan that works to fulfill your needs in your desired time frame. This works best if we know at least a few months in advance prior to your big day. Below is a timeline of treatments that we recommend in order to look your best! 

Four to Six Months Before: 

This is the best time to do more aggressive treatments that require a little downtime. These are the options we recommend at this time:

  • HALO/ BBL Laser Treatments: Laser treatments can be perfect for addressing pigmentation, texture, tone, tightening, and pore size. Laser treatments may require up to a week of downtime. For best results, you can receive a HALO and a BBL treatment on the same day.  These treatments can make you GLOW for your big day!
  • Botox/Fillers: Four to six months will allow you time to see how you react to injectables if you have never received them before. Doing this a few months before the wedding will ensure time to fine tune your treatment without risk of inflammation close to the day of your big event.
  • Microneedling: This treatment is great because it is safe for all skin types. It is recommended for patients that want to treat acne scars, minimize pore size, or treat stretch marks with minimal downtime. A series of these treatments can do wonders for your skin’s overall texture!
  • Hydrafacial: These treatments can be performed monthly until the big day and are recommended in between other Med Spa treatments to give you an even better result. There is absolutely no downtime with this treatment and we highly recommend it for a relaxing way to treat your skin!
  • Jan Marini At-Home Skin Care Line: It is important to use professional products that are right for your skin type. This will help to maintain your skin even when you’re not doing treatments. This is the first step towards amazing skin!

Three Months Before: 

Three months before the big day you can do many of the same treatments that we recommended at 4-6 months. You still have enough time for your skin to recover from more intense treatment such as laser therapy. This will boost the results of the treatment that you did three months prior!

  • Botox/Fillers
  • BBL laser treatment or Halo
  • Microneedling
  • Hydrafacial

One Month Before: 

At one month, you will only need to maintain the glow you have already achieved with your past treatments. We would suggest fine tuning, including:

  • Touch up Botox or Filler 
  • Forever Young BBL, which will brighten up your skin and give you a nice glow!
  • Hydrafacial

The Week of the Big Day: 

It is the week of the big day and your skin is looking beautiful! A relaxing hydrafacial is the perfect treatment for this week.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a consultation with one of our skin care specialists, please give our office a call at (312) 266-6240. We are happy to help and can tailor a skin care treatment plan that will get you ready to be a beautiful bride on your wedding day!

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