Breast Surgery is Always in Style. Here’s Why!

  • Posted on: Dec 30 2020
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Fads have always been around. They come; they go. Some we love, some we don’t. Even in plastic surgery. There is no denying that what is “in” at a given moment in time can drive people’s decisions. However, while we may see the details change, we often see a common thread of consistency when it comes to cosmetic procedures. Breast enhancement is an example. For many years, procedures like breast augmentation have been in the Top 5 most popular. Here, we discuss why breast surgeries are always in style.

  1. Recovery from breast surgery is easy. In most situations, patients who undergo breast surgery are home the same day and resting comfortably in their own beds. It isn’t necessary to stay in the hospital. Patients stay in the recovery area of the surgical suite long enough to let the anesthesia wear off, but then they are released to a loved one who will drive them home and get them safely to bed. At home, patients must follow minor activity restrictions, such as not driving until they are off prescription pain medication and not lifting objects over 5 to 10 pounds.
  2. Breast surgeries are safe. We’ve had a few hiccups over time, like the minor recall of a small group of breast implants last year. However, outside of the occasional complication, breast surgeries have consistently achieved satisfactory results.
  3. Natural-looking results. Years ago, for a relatively brief period, the trend in breast augmentation was to increase size substantially. This diminished the body’s natural proportions. For some time now, interest in natural-looking results has maintained. With various silicone materials, sizes, placements, and profiles to choose from, breast implants offer beautiful results that never give themselves away.

The Chicago Breast Center is at the forefront of breast surgery. Our specialists strive to make every patient experience seamless and satisfactory. If you would like to explore what breast enhancement can do for you, whether that be augmentation, reduction, lift, or reconstruction, we’re your team. Call (312) 266-6240 today to schedule your consultation.

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