Breast Reconstruction: The Matter of Size

Breast Reconstruction Chicago, ILIn recent years, mastectomy has become an integral aspect of breast cancer treatment. For women who undergo the removal of natural breast tissue, reconstruction is often a step toward gaining a sense of closure to their disease management. Reinstating breast shape and size can be an exciting endeavor that renews hope for brighter tomorrows.

We are here to walk our patients through their healing journey with confidence. We do this by maintaining a compassionate attitude and prioritizing clear communication regarding the capabilities and potential limitations of breast reconstruction. Here, we would like to focus on the matter of breast size after cancer treatment.

  1. Identifying the starting point. As with cosmetic breast augmentation, one of the best places to start planning size, profile, and shape is identifying what is available to work with. Our initial consultation may include a thorough examination of skin and muscle tissue to coincide with a thoughtful discussion about expectations and goals. This step allows us to openly discuss where breast implants fit into the scope of available tissue and whether or not it may be necessary to start the reconstruction process with tissue expanders.
  2. Age may factor in for some patients. There is no hard-and-fast rule that says a younger woman undergoing breast reconstruction will want or be a better candidate for larger implants. However, some clinical studies do suggest that older reconstruction patients lean toward smaller breast size post-mastectomy. Ultimately, the decision is personal to every patient.
  3. Filling in the body. When sufficient tissue is available before breast reconstruction, one of the primary considerations for breast implant size may be body-type. The objective in reconstruction, as with all augmentation, is to refine the proportions of the body as a whole rather than to exaggerate any one area.

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Our physicians have the extensive training that women in the Chicago area rely on to restore breast shape and size after breast conservation surgery such as lumpectomy or mastectomy. It is our intent to help our patients feel as comfortable as possible as they reach the end-stage of breast cancer treatment. To learn more about breast reconstruction techniques, contact Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery Chicago Breast Center at 312.266.6240.

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