Brazilian Butt Lift: Your Questions Answered

  • Posted on: May 15 2020
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It’s no secret that there are people who aren’t completely satisfied with their bodies as they are. Some wish for a flatter stomach. Some enhance their shape with breast implants. Still others would like their buttocks to be firmer, rounder, higher, and otherwise better suited to their body as a whole. The backside used to be a challenging area of the body to address. To do so, a surgeon would insert butt implants. Today, we have a new way: the Brazilian butt lift.

Butt Implants and Brazilian Butt Lift Compared

The old way of augmenting the buttocks was similar to breast augmentation. Surgeons would insert a biocompatible implant beneath the layer of fatty tissue in the buttocks. The Brazilian butt lift technique enhances shape using the patient’s fat. Using liposuction, the surgeon extracts fat cells from an area of the body, such as the abdomen or thighs. The harvested fatty tissue is processed to separate pure fat cells from blood. These cells are then strategically injected into the subcutaneous fat of the buttocks to round it out. Fat cells are living and are injected into living tissue, which creates new blood supply to the injected cells, helping them to thrive.  Because these cells are living, patients can expect them to expand if they gain weight. Likewise, fat cells may shrink if the patient loses weight after their BBL.

Is Brazilian Butt Lift Safe?

Many BBL procedures have been successfully performed around the world. While there are unique risks to fat grafting procedures, most Brazilian butt lifts are completed without complication. Only a board-certified plastic surgeon should perform BBL surgery. This is because specific training, experience, and knowledge are vital to optimal outcome. To safely and correctly perform this procedure, a surgeon must understand the musculature and vasculature nature of the buttocks and only inject fat into the subcutaneous space. If you are interested in BBL surgery, talk to our doctors about their experience and surgical techniques that improve patient safety.

Who is a Good Candidate for BBL?

Generally speaking, healthy people are good candidates for elective cosmetic procedures. People interested in a Brazilian Butt Lift should not smoke and need to have a sufficient amount of fat from which to draw to harvest necessary fat cells.

Many patients ask if they should gain weight before undergoing BBL treatment. Interestingly, this may not be a good idea. When we gain weight, there is no telling where fat will accumulate. Usually, fat is dispersed across the body. If a person gains weight before BBL and then plans to lose weight after their procedure, they risk diminishing the results of their procedure. Weight loss after a Brazilian butt lift could cause the newly injected fat cells to shrink along with fat cells in other parts of the body.

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