Breast augmentation surgery has been so popular for so many years that it is the procedure that comes to mind for many women who want to enhance their breasts. The purpose of breast augmentation, though, is to increase volume by inserting breast implants. This is advantageous but may not meet the needs of every woman. For some, a breast lift may be a better option. Furthermore, some women achieve their ideal outcome by combining a breast lift with breast augmentation using implants. Here, we discuss who the ideal candidates may be for each choice.

You are happy with your breast shape but not the size of your breasts.

This is a complaint that is expressed by many women, especially those who are in their twenties. Many young women have not been through life changes or weight fluctuations that can change the shape of their breasts. Their primary concern is feeling that their breasts are too small. These women usually have symmetry between the breasts, good projection (perkiness), and nipples that sit well above the inframammary fold. In this situation, a breast augmentation alone is usually the best option. Breast implants contain either silicone or saline in a silicone shell. Various factors, including placement and breast implant profile, enable surgeons to achieve natural-looking results for women of all shapes.

You are happy with your breast size but not the position of your breasts.

Women who have experienced weight fluctuations, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or age often have a similar complaint, the position and shape of their breasts. These life experiences can cause the breasts to sag or even look deflated. This often happens because the skin that covers the breasts has stretched and lost elasticity, the ability to retract well. These women may have:

  • Breasts that are flatter on top and full at the bottom
  • Downturned nipples
  • A nipple-areola complex that rests close to or below the inframammary fold
  • Breasts that are splayed, or spaced farther apart than they used to be

Breast ptosis, or sagging, is a frustrating problem but one that can be corrected with a breast lift. For women who are generally happy with their breast size, a lift alone can reposition the breast mounds as well as the nipple-areola complex higher on the chest wall, resulting in a perkier appearance.

You are dissatisfied with both shape and position.

The loss of fullness in the top region of the breasts often coincides with sagging. This can result from pregnancy, breastfeeding, even hormonal shifts. If breasts are small, “bottom-heavy,” or deflated, they need more volume. This can be achieved by inserting appropriately-sized breast implants. If they are tubular or sagging below the breast crease, they can be reshaped even further with a breast lift.

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