Botox Chicago, IL

Facelift – Rhytidectomy Surgery Chicago

The mirror is not always kind to us. As we begin to develop signs of aging in the face and neck, it becomes harder and harder to feel good about our appearance. The facelift is a popular way to combat these signs of aging. This plastic surgery option has a variety of positive benefits. The […]

Jan Marini: The Skin Care Management System

Last week I was lucky to attend the Jan Marini Skin Research Educational Forum in Chicago! It got me even more excited about the product line than I already was before attending. All of my current clients know that hands down my favorite product line is the Jan Marini line and I recommend it to […]

Breast Augmentation in Chicago

Every woman undergoes breast augmentation for her own personal reasons. Some women feel self-conscious about having asymmetrical breasts. Others wish they were just a cup or two larger to have a more flattering bikini body. Whatever your reason, Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery can create your ideal breast appearance! You deserve a skilled plastic surgeon […]

Tissue Expansion Process

Today we are going to talk specifically about the tissue expander process.  Many patients ask me about the expansion process at their first postoperative visit after the mastectomy surgery.  Some questions patients ask:  When does the expansion process begin?  How is the expansion process done?  How many expansions will I need?  How many expansions is […]

Breast Implants – Chicago Breast Enhancement

Not all breast implants are made alike. When you come in for a consultation to discuss breast implants, you’ll learn about the wide variety of options out there – and which ones are right for you. Breast implants come in multiple sizes, types, textures, and shapes, and your selections will determine the look and feel […]

Let The Med Spa at NSPS get your skin ready for your big day!

  Most people start thinking about prepping for their big day about six months prior, our Med Spa Staff have come up with a plan based on this time line. This plan can always be tweaked and modified to best suit individual needs and time frame. We suggest starting with a complimentary consultation where one of […]

Rhinoplasty – Nasal Surgery Procedures Chicago

The nose is a central part of the face, and as such, any problems that we have with the appearance of our nose can bother us on a daily basis. Rhinoplasty surgery can be used to reshape the tissues of the nose in order to resolve aesthetic and functional nasal issues. The nose is composed […]

What is the difference between an SIEA, DIEP, and Muscle Sparing Free TRAM?

Many patients present to our office interested in pursuing breast reconstruction with tissue from their abdomen.  Although this is a much more involved surgery with longer surgery time, longer hospital stay, and longer recovery, it does offer many benefits.  Reconstruction of the breasts with tissue from the abdomen does tend to appear and feel the […]

Eyelid Surgery – Chicago Blepharoplasty Procedure

Many people experience lower-eyelid puffiness and sagging over time. It’s a natural part of the aging process, but it is far from enjoyable. Lower eyelid surgery, also known as lower blepharoplasty, is an eyelid-rejuvenation technique that can be performed using one of two incision options. The traditional method is transcutaneous, and this involves a small […]

Abdominoplasty – Tummy Tuck Procedure Chicago

A person’s stomach can experience numerous cosmetic issues. Drooping skin, excess fat, bulging loose muscles, and stretch marks are all common problems that form over the years. To correct all of these issues, we offer an effective procedure called abdominoplasty surgery. With the abdominoplasty procedure, we can trim away sagging skin tissue from the stomach […]