Most people who consider having plastic surgery understand that the success of their procedure relies on several factors. What gets missed is the fact that most of them are directly related to the surgeon who provides care. A surgeon’s skill level in the procedure, their ability to help set expectations, to clearly explain the surgical process, and their attention to safety all contribute to the outcome. Though breast procedures like breast lift surgery are very common, they take particular expertise and care to achieve results that are proportionate and symmetrical. Here, we discuss questions patients should ask when choosing their breast lift surgeon.

Finding the Right Expert for Your Breast Lift

Patients interested in various cosmetic procedures are often advised only to obtain care from a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. This suggestion is far from ideal. There is no formal specialty for cosmetic surgery, only plastic surgery. A doctor advertising as a “cosmetic surgeon” may have some surgical training, but not in plastic surgery. The first step a patient should take is to create a list of board-certified plastic surgeons in their area.

To be a plastic surgeon is good, but even this could miss the mark. Plastic surgery is a very broad subspecialty in itself, covering numerous areas of the body and a wide variety of techniques. One plastic surgeon may be especially skilled at performing eyelid surgery or facelifts, while others may have particular skill at breast procedures. When considering a breast lift, it is necessary to find a surgeon with the right level of skill. How can you determine this? By asking questions:

  • How many breast lift procedures do you perform each year?
  • When was your last breast lift performed?
  • What is the most common procedure you perform each year?

Communicating Clearly

In addition to having adequate skills to perform breast lift surgery, a doctor should also be able to provide a clear explanation of the process and what can be expected. Patients can discover more about a surgeon’s abilities by asking questions about techniques, such as:

  • Which type of breast lift do you perform most often and why?
  • What are the different breast lift techniques and which do you recommend for me?
  • How long, on average, before a patient is ready for their “after” photos?

Patients can assess their overall comfort with a surgeon, the surgeon they are entrusting with the appearance of their breasts, with questions such as:

  • In your opinion, why am I a good candidate for a breast lift?
  • Who do I contact with questions or concerns?
  • What are the risks associated with a breast lift?
  • What percentage of your patients experience complications?
  • Are there other procedures that may be better for me?

At Chicago Breast Center, we want our patients to feel empowered to make an informed decision about surgery. To schedule a consultation with us, call (312) 266-6240.

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