Hair Transplant Cost

Hair replacement is an investment. Beware, with a wide range of price, there is a wide range of results.

How much is hair replacement surgery? Hair restoration is an investment and Find out more by reading on.
Thinning hair affects a high percentage of both sexes. According to the American Hair Loss Association, men’s hair thinning begins more intensely at age 50. 1 in 2 women suffers from visible hair loss among women. Women in the United States who suffer from female pattern hair loss are estimated to number around 30 million.

Male pattern baldness sufferers and women with thinning hair have a wide range of choices for restoring their hair’s former luster; a hair transplant is one alternative. There were more than 735,000 surgical hair restoration treatments (hair transplants) conducted worldwide in 2019. Like Brian Urlacher and Ryan Sandberg, some celebrities have openly discussed their hair transplants. Furthermore, hair transplant technology has advanced significantly over the years.

Types of Hair Transplant

FUT and FUE are the two most extensively used techniques for hair transplantation nowadays, however newer technologies are now available.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): This procedure, known as follicular unit transplantation (FUT), harvests a strip of hair from a healthy donor location, often the rear of the scalp. After this strip of skin is cut into individual follicular units, the hairs are transplanted to an area of losing hair. Short-haired individuals may be concerned about the procedure’s linear scarring in the donor area.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a type of hair transplantation that harvests individual follicular units (hair follicles) from a large donor area and transplants them into an area of thinning. The surgeon performs tiny extraction to remove individual hairs from the scalp, which leaves minimum scarring behind. The price of FUT and FUE are approximately the same. While FUE is more advanced, it requires less people to perform.

What Affects the Hair Transplants Costs?

Several variables can influence the price of hair transplant in Chicago, such as the following:

Degree of Hair Loss: Depending on how much hair you want to be transplanted, the costs of hair restoration in Chicago can vary. The expense of treating a few areas of thinning hair is far cheaper than the cost of treating the entire scalp.

The Surgeon’s Expertise: Surgeons with extensive training and expertise in hair transplant surgery may charge a premium for their services. Do your research before you settle on a surgeon based only on price.

The Type of Hair Transplant: FUT and FUE hair transplant treatments have differing pricing, as shown above.
Recovery Process: Medications and follow-up appointments should be factored into your hair transplant budget, as should recovery time.

Traveling Option: Some top-rated specialists require you to travel for hair transplants, so you’ll need to figure out travel expenses.

Cost of Hair Transplants in Other Countries

Hair transplants are becoming increasingly popular in the United States and around the globe. Modern hair transplant treatments produce natural-looking outcomes, and some countries are capitalizing on this by promoting medical tourism (traveling overseas for a medical procedure). The hair transplant market in Turkey, for example, is believed to be worth $1 billion.
Every year, almost 60,000 people travel to Turkey searching for a glamorous new hairstyle. There are 350 clinics performing hair transplants in Istanbul’s metropolis alone. The sight of people with bandaged heads strutting the streets or stopping by museums on their way home is not uncommon.
Why would someone go to such lengths to get a hair transplant performed thousands of miles away? There’s no mystery here; the price is what it is. Turkey’s FUE hair transplants cost less than $2,000, compared to the $5,000 to $100,000 you’ll pay in the United States.
There are many great clinics in Turkey that will make the trip worthwhile. The risk, however, is that you never know what clinic and technicians are good and safe. During your transplantation, thousands of incisions are made in your scalp. If one of these becomes infected, you could lose all of your grafts if it’s not immediately. As a physician-run practice, this is exactly the reason we do not perform procedures on clients that plan to return overseas within two weeks of their procedure.

Is it Worth It to Get a Hair Transplant Despite the Cost?

Acceptance of hair transplants is increasing, and they are no longer seen as something only vain men undertake. Hair transplant surgery is a wonderful option for women suffering from hair loss. Women with thinning hair, for example, may benefit significantly from the addition of healthy hair follicles around the part line. However an individual chooses to deal with hair loss, one thing is certain: a hair transplant is your best option and may be worth the cost if other less invasive methods have failed.
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