4 Improvements that Can Be Achieved with a Breast Lift

The most common breast surgery to be discussed is breast augmentation. Women undergo this procedure to improve their appearance with more volume and shape. Due to its prevalence, breast augmentation has largely become known as the ideal procedure for breast reshaping. This isn’t necessarily the case for every woman. Sometimes, reshaping is best achieved with a breast lift. Here, we discuss some of the primary ways that a lift can improve the appearance of the breasts.

Post-pregnancy Reshaping

Pregnancy and nursing can significantly change the appearance of the breasts. After breastfeeding, many women complain that their breasts look saggy and deflated. Stretch marks may also affect the way the breasts look. With or without breast implants, a breast lift can restore not only shape to the breasts but also projection. This procedure restructures the tissue envelop that holds natural breast tissue so that breast mounds sit higher on the chest wall. Breast augmentation alone cannot do that.

Post-Weight-loss Reshaping

Because the breast mounds are comprised mainly of fat, we can expect a change in shape to occur when a woman gains and loses weight. Usually, breast size increases the more a woman weighs. After significant weight loss, the shape of the breasts may be flatter and droopier due to the loss of breast fat. Breast reshaping tightens tissue to restore breast projection at the proper height on the chest wall.

Nipple Repositioning

As the body ages and loses collagen, the skin and superficial tissue over fat and muscle lose firmness. The breasts themselves may lose firmness as subcutaneous volume decreases. This can result in nipples that lie low or point downward rather than forward. This cosmetic problem can feel frustrating. Increasing breast size with implants may not restore the projection of the nipples, either. To achieve this, a plastic surgeon will conduct a breast lift that involves specific repositioning of the nipples.

Areolae Reduction

The colored tissue around the nipple sometimes expands with weight, pregnancy, or age. Some women feel self-conscious about very large areolae but don’t realize there is a solution. During a breast lift, incisions can be made around this colored tissue to resize the areolae so they are in proportion with the rest of the breast mound.

There are several benefits to having a breast lift, whether you desire implants or not. To discuss this procedure with an experienced breast specialist, call the Chicago Breast Center at (312) 266-6240.

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