3D Nipple Tattoos and Breast Reconstruction

3D Nipple Tattoos

In our practice, anyone undergoing tattoo for nipple-areola pigmentation receives a 3D tattoo. The term “3D tattoo” is used to describe a tattoo that uses color to create the illusion of three dimensions. Through the use of color, the tattoo will create the effect of a projecting nipple. Texturizing is also performed in order to create natural appearing skin textures on the areola.

3D Nipple Tattoo Candidates

Due to different variables involved in reconstruction, some patients are not nipple mound reconstruction candidates (if you have questions about this, please ask us!). In these cases, nipple mound reconstruction is skipped and the 3D tattoo alone is performed. In patients who are too high risk for surgical reconstruction, then, 3D tattooing has allowed us the opportunity to create the appearance of a projecting nipple without the risk. In these patients, color alone is used to create the appearance of projection, improving outcomes considerably when compared with a standard medical grade tattoo.

Nipple areola tattooing has come a long way since I began with our practice in 2009! As I took over tattooing for Dr. Fine’s private practice, I was trained in “medical grade tattooing”. This procedure involved the application of pigment which simply provided color centered around the nipple reconstruction. Despite our best efforts to use this form of tattooing, I quickly learned of its shortcomings; medical grade tattoos often faded over time, offered limited ability to create the appearance of texture, and were relatively monochromatic. As we continued to grow in private practice, it was actually one of our patient’s bright red tattoos that first caught our attention and made us think a little more critically about our tattoo offering. We found ourselves wondering, if our patient’s body art looked this vibrant, maybe our nipple tattoos could be improved! This was the beginning of our idea to bring on a tattoo artist. We inquired with our patient, and, weeks later, connected with Jeff. I was the first person to reach out to Jeff directly, and I remember it so clearly! To call a Chicago tattoo artist out of the blue and ask about his interest in tattooing nipples for reconstruction patients, I wasn’t sure how that would be taken. But, Jeff was immediately interested and actually felt drawn to the opportunity by his desire to help others. He explained to me his love for the art of tattooing, and also his great desire to use his skills to help people. He seemed like a great fit.

Jeff has now been with us since 2011. His contribution to our practice has been immense. In applying his artistry to this field, he has definitely harnessed his skills to help others. Jeff has a knack for bringing together his artistic capabilities, his compassion, and his authenticity in order to care for our patients. Our patients rave about him and the tattoos he creates. I feel honored Jeff is a part of our team. I’ve seen the looks on our patients’ faces after completing their tattoo; I can see how much it means to them. And I’ve also seen his tattoos! And they are much better than any medical grade tattoo I’ve ever seen!

If you’d like to learn more about Jeff, click here to read his bio, watch a short video, and see some before and after photos.

3D Nipple Tattoo Before & After Photos

For a larger selection of photos in our before and after section, click here.

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