Posts From August, 2016

FemTouch – Rejuvenation You’ll Love

FemTouch is a method of treating conditions related to a patient’s vaginal health. It uses a CO2 fractional laser to remodel the mucous epithelium layer of the vagina, addressing the effects of aging and childbirth on the vagina. This laser treatment is a convenient and hassle-free procedure with long-lasting benefits. The process of FemTouch is […]

CO2 Laser 101 with Amber Cruth

The CO2 Laser has long been considered the “gold standard” device for laser skin resurfacing of the skin, an effort to correct wrinkles, laxity, scars and pigment problems. How the CO2 works : Rather than affecting the entire skin, the Lumenis AcuPulse CO2 laser ablates only a fraction of the skin surface, allowing bridges of […]

The Creation of The Chicago Breast Center

  Each year I’ve worked at Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery (NSPS), I’ve learned more. As a clinician, it is obvious to me that my continued involvement and growth has helped me learn how to better support our patients, not only in clinical decision making, but also in understanding the needs of our patients outside […]