Posts From March, 2016

Jan Marini: The Skin Care Management System

Last week I was lucky to attend the Jan Marini Skin Research Educational Forum in Chicago! It got me even more excited about the product line than I already was before attending. All of my current clients know that hands down my favorite product line is the Jan Marini line and I recommend it to […]

Breast Augmentation in Chicago

Every woman undergoes breast augmentation for her own personal reasons. Some women feel self-conscious about having asymmetrical breasts. Others wish they were just a cup or two larger to have a more flattering bikini body. Whatever your reason, Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery can create your ideal breast appearance! You deserve a skilled plastic surgeon […]

Tissue Expansion Process

Today we are going to talk specifically about the tissue expander process.  Many patients ask me about the expansion process at their first postoperative visit after the mastectomy surgery.  Some questions patients ask:  When does the expansion process begin?  How is the expansion process done?  How many expansions will I need?  How many expansions is […]

Breast Implants – Chicago Breast Enhancement

Not all breast implants are made alike. When you come in for a consultation to discuss breast implants, you’ll learn about the wide variety of options out there – and which ones are right for you. Breast implants come in multiple sizes, types, textures, and shapes, and your selections will determine the look and feel […]